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Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z – Anime First Impressions

It’s out! The Powerpuff Girls Z anime! The Powerpuff Girls get a nice cosmetic update in their new anime (including fingers!), but is the show actually better than the original?

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It’s out! The Powerpuff Girls Z anime! The Powerpuff Girls get a nice cosmetic update in their new anime (including fingers!), but is the show actually better than the original?

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If you’re not familiar with the Powerpuff Girls, they were originally in an American cartoon found on Cartoon Network. They were popular in the early 2000s, and even had their own feature length film! Nowadays they’re not so popular. That’s about to change with the release of their new Japanese anime (maybe)!

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 19Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 20Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 21Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 22Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 23Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 24Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 25Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 26Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 27

In this version of the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium has a son named Ken, and a robot dog named Peach (voiced by Kaneda Tomoko OMG!). The Powerpuff girls aren’t actually his daughters… The first episode has the girls fighting Mojo Jojo, who appears to be named Mojo no Souzou in the anime. Everyone takes an ice cream break in the middle of the battle, and then the girls defeat Mojo Jojo…

The second episode (there’s two 15 minutes episodes) show the origins of the Powerpuff girls. Peach accidentally throws a bun into the vat of Chemical X (the original chemical that made the Powerpuff girls) and it becomes “Chemical Z!” Ken uses the new (and untested) Chemical Z to shoot some icebergs that are freezing the world. Some weird beams of light fly out and start hitting people. These people being the Powerpuff Girls and Mojo Jojo. Then more fighting!

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 28Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 29Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 30Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 31Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 32Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 33Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 34Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 35Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 36

So far, there’s a few things that annoy me with the anime version. First off, the girls are supposed to be the professor’s daughters! That’s a big plot point that they just threw away! And giving the professor a son is just dumb. Next, I don’t really think the girls need weapons (although using a yo-yo as a weapon is very cool). It also kind of bugs me that the girls are now a mahou shoujo group. It just feels wrong.

After seeing the character designs for the whole show, I think I can accept them. They certainly look better than the finger-less old designs. I like how the girls all have more exaggerated personalities. Like how Bubbles is super popular, and how the first thing Buttercup does after transforming is complain about her skirt. Tomboy FTW!

The animation is what you would expect from a kid’s show. It’s okay, but nothing special. The henshin scenes look good, but they got old fast (the second time I watched them).

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 37Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 38Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 39Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 40Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 41Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 42Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 43Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 44Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 45

The OP isn’t really that bad, it just feels like the singer’s voice is a little weak. It’s too wavery at points. The ED is kinda cool. It has some fun engrish in it as well. If it wasn’t for an anime geared towards 9 year old girls, I might just listen to it in my car!

Download the OP: Kibou no kakera by Nana Kitade
Download the ED: Mayonaka no DOOR by Liu Yi Fei

I also wanted to point out that the background music for the anime is probably the worst and most annoying that I’ve ever heard. Seriously, it makes me want to murder. And I’m not a murderous guy.

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 46Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 47Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 48Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 49Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 50Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 51Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 52Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 53Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z 54

Overall, the Powerpuff Girls anime is alright for what it’s supposed to be: a kid’s show. They’ve changed a lot of what made the original good, but I think it can still stand on its own.

It still has to be seen whether this anime will succeed or not. If they try to make this anime too serious, it’ll fail horribly. Hopefully the jokes will be more self referential and feed off of the humor of the original show. The vocabulary used in this anime was pretty simple, so that means I’ll probably continue watching it anyway!

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He throws a daifuku not a bun, which is actually ironic since daifuku contains “sugar” so I guess they have the whole “sugar spice” replacement but I still think the original sugar, spice & everything nice was better than “daifuku chemical x” ^^;. I still have a shirt I bought a while ago with the original PPG on it that says “sugar spice & everything nice” and for some reason I guess I grew up seeing it that way….this new one’s too cheesy for my liking.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is annoyed by the fact that the Powerpuff Girls are no longer the proffesor’s daughters and are no longer sisters. I think one of the things that made the origional PPG so much fun was that it sometimes delt with the PPG’s familly matters, and sisterly love/rivalry. As much as find the addition of Ken chessy though, I think I wouldn’t be bothered by him as much if they give him more of a role aside from being Utonium’s right hand partner/son. He seems meaningless right now. The magical girl thing doesn’t really bug me though. Hopefully they find a way to make things alittle better as to compensate for the poor changes. I had fun with it despite the things that annoyed me.

As long as I repress the original PPG, its actually a fun anime (N.B I love the original). Maybe it would have worked if it wasn’t Powerpuff Girls.

I sat down and watched this, and the entire time I had this “wtf?” look on my face. While I like the original, something about this one intrigues me. I agree with the annoying changes, but this one is definitely interesting, and I think I may keep up with it as nothing more than something to watch when I’m bored.. Hey, if nothing else, it’ll be something to show my kids once they’re old enough to watch subs.

How. Utterly. Weird.

This show is so unlike the original, it is incredible to behold and makes your jaw quickly hit the floor. I can not tell whether I like it or find it intollerable. Definately one of the weaker openings for any anime/cartoon/tv show in a while, but the premise of it being PPG is mind boggling, and thus for me, the slow start is appreciated. However, I kept trading back and forth between what I thought was terrible and what I thought was intriguing.

Mediocre opening. The professor has a kid WTF! Kid is annoying, but not terribly so. The girls are not sisters, nor the professor’s daughters? How does that work?! The girls themselves look alright. Sugar concentrated transformation scenes!!! (Startlingly cute and terrifyingly lolita at the same time, prays that this sequence does not occur twice an episode like in the first, although it is far cooler to look at than Sailor Moon transformations) Girls are further exagerated in their personalities, which prompts me to like the tomboy Buttercup much more. Action scenes… suck bad. Really bad. Weapon use is poor, and the action is bad. Like the yo-yo though. Mojo comes off as a misinterperetation of the original, saying Mojo all the time for no real reason, instead of ranting. Bellum is a blonde, hmm, definately the truest to form there besides the color, but I note the lip logo on whatever she is holding is placed where her face is covered. What the hell happenned to Mayor?! I like the ending far better than the opening.

Overall impression – other villains still pending. Impression still pending. Undecided, but mostly weirded out.

Actualy I think this anime has the BEST SOUNDTRACK EVER, truly, I love it, It’s completly unique and wonderfull.
Seriously, the background music rulez.

As it goes for the anime I agree with ace on the wtf factor, this anime was weird.

I think this anime is better then the original. :3 This is CUTE.. xD The only problem I have, is that the mayor’s not stupid. D: He was so hilarious. XDDD

I liked the PPG original better (of course). Ken really annoys be, but I do prefer the girls like that. Maybe it’s better if you do not think of it as another PPG series… The transformation stuff got it far from the original, but still I think it is fun to watch. (btw, I didn’t like Mojo either)

I would say this is better than the original… The reason is that first of all, they are more mature… And also they have better outfits than the other ones… But I didn’t really like Mojo or Ken and also the Chemical X part, they drop a daifuku and that made it stupid… The attacks are a little cheesy though…

Yea when I first watched this anime I thought it was kinda stupid but right now I’m watching the 6th episode and I love it. If the graphics in the anime and the plot for the english version were together I would so totally love this show. I can’t help but love the OP and the ED though there so cute and have a nice tune. My favorite is still bubbles and will alawys be. ^_^ hehehe

Yea…… this show is very cool (and trust me i have watched tons of animes) the opening is ok, has a good tune, the ending is very nice but the plot is stupid. i’d prefer the Naruto Plot. There are some moments in the show that are worth watching, and the whole transforming thing, totally cool. i could care less about the whole PPGs being sisters and a family, and i have to admit Ken is annoying.
Also i have notice, PEOPLE YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSE TO LIKE MOJO, so stop saying that you don’t like him. i know he is annoying but, seriously, get over it he’s a villian. I’d prefer the original Mayor but, this one is ok ( i guess)
Overall this show is very good, and kinda addicting. I give Powerpuff Girls Z, 8 out of 10.

I love the original, but I really love this anime version of PPG. The people who made bad reviews about this show should go jump in a pool full of leaches, ya JERKS! Anyways, I love the transformation musics for it’s late 1970’s feel (not the annoying disco kind of 70’s), the outfits and the all out story even though it doesn’t fit with the original story.

The background music in this is really nice! I can’t belive you think poorly of it. I’m hoping that they’ll eventually release a cd of it, so far all I’ve seen is the single of the opening song (which is kinda’ *bleh*).

ON MY OPINION, i think this beats the original series. But the original rocks too. When i first watched the show I was like how come they dont live together and stuff, then i watched it carefully at the beginning and found out. I mean seriously, a whatever food thing fell in Chemical X? Anyways, I still love the show. The transformation thingy is awesome, and the songs are pretty good actually, they’re not totally so horrible you have to close your ears…They look much cuter and i love their more exaggerated personalities. … hm and they have new names? Momoko, Miyako and Koaru? I think? Well it’s still kool!!! ^_^

I think PpG Z and the original PpG are good in their own right, but you can’t really compare them. Although PpG Z looks like the original Powerpuff Girls, that’s pretty much where the similarities end. If you treat it like an extension or even a remodeling of the original show, you’re going to be disappointed. Frankly, I loved the original show and I hate most of what they’ve done to the girls.

Like has been previously said, I dislike that the girls are no longer related nor are they the Professor’s daughters. Also, the lack of super powers and their stupid weapons are really annoying. They have one weapon, big deal. A lot of the show has the Sailor Moon rip-off feel.

In fact, the whole idea of people being hit by a black light and turning into monsters reminds me of the daemon from Sailor Moon S.

However, if you watch enough of PpG Z, you might like it…if you don’t think too much about it.

hey i love this show i hope they put it out in english version any-way this sounds very kool cant wait till its in english byezz

For God’s sake, stop complaining people!!!! We have been ruining their anime for years to suit the kids here who are apprantally way too sensitive!!

You know what?? I hate all the people that says that this show sucks or that complain about stupid small stuff like “bah, the PowerPuff Girls Z are not the Dr. daughters”, or “ewww, they don’t need weapons”, that’s just annoying and reasonless!!! All those people don’t tolerate changes, and these changes make the new Powerpuff Girls (Z) much more better, not like those weirdo girls without fingers and toes, ewww! All those people SUCK!!!!

i love the new and improved power puff girls that you have created. i admire your new style of this cartoon.i hane to say i always wanted to be a cartoonist and make my show and you inspired me.

I’m kinda devided. Some stuff rocks others doesn’t. The one thing that bothers me most is Blossoms personality. She’s a boy crazy, sugar-aholic. It’s a cool personality but she was suposed to be the smart leader and she seems ….. ditsy. But as was said, its good on its own.

I like this anime and nothing bothers me about it i like everything I wish it could be shown here in the philippines I really want to see them because it’s so nice. What in the world is “WTF”?

Before i start my ranting and raving, just wanted to point out that Ashley morris, this person didn’t create this series, they just wrote about it.
ALL YOU RETARTED PEOPLE WHO SAID THIS SUCKS SHUT UP AND WATCH THE FIRST 10 EPISODES! I agree that mojo’s chatacter is too nice and crappy but the show itself is great. saying stuff like “weapons are stupid” and “THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE PROFFESER’S KIDS AND BE SISTERS!” is just retarded because those are what make it different. this show is good so don’t diss it till ya watch it.

The thing about this series is that it’s not a spin off or re-hash but more like an AU OVA. Similar to what was done with MY-HIME and MY-Z-HIME, they’ve taken the character templates and the base plot template (character relations, rough event lines etc.) and created a differnt story.

As someone who sees alot of toon from various culture and region I have to say the PPGZ is an interesting anime, the changes from the original american toon give the story more layers to think about. Like watching a movie when your young and finding a joke funny then watching when your older and you realise the joke isn’t as simple as you thought, there’s more to laugh about.

Going from an actual family to a friendship family give the group a different dynamic and more back ground and character relationship to look at. The weapons, well really the original ppg had weapons (eye lazers, sonic scream, ice breath) the new ones just give each girl more of an individual identity.

The bad guys are interesting, as for Mojo, saying his own name is a thing, you’ll notice if you watch the show (ppgZ) that Peach has a little thing to (DAI WAN), animals or people saying things like that is considered cute in Japan, it’s like a personal catchphrase or remark or it can be an exlamation instead of ‘OH MY!’

i love this series more than the origanal because their not sisters, which i think is mainly because the rowdy ruff boys because if you think about it the ppg’s and rrb’s would be a family as soon as one girl married one boy, so them being friends elimenated this from happening. the weapons are awesome everyone that says this show like salor moon or another ripoff, no shit sherlocks it a remake, ps most people forgot about salor moon sure i wanted to be like her when i was 5 then the show was canceled you can still see ppg sometimes for saturday morning cartoons, back to the weapon thing, the reason they have weapons is if you watch the show you’ll see that when each of them saved a child their weapon is what the child was playing with. i love the whole 13 year old thing, cuz now me and my buds can be them for halloween without feeling weird. p.s. please dont copy my idea. for any further info about ppgz e-mail me at [email protected]
P.S. sorry for all the grammatical errors. plus “wtf” means “wht the fuc” bubbles anne. and yall r crazy Buttercup/Kaoru rulez.

heej everybody de powerpuff girls are cute and here to 🙂
but i’ve never seen japanse powerpuff girls so 🙁

I like this series better then the original its so much cooler then its earlier counter part and coming from me being a 18 year old and a guy that’s saying a lot. Also I like the fact that they didn’t make them the Dr.’s daughters because to me it was just weird that they were born from a vat of chemicals. And giving the Dr. a son adds a nice twist to it, because as shown in episode 4 they try to act like a mother to him fail then become like big sisters to Ken. Also I like the improvement to there character personalities and fighting styles. One bubbles is actually more mature then she was in the original series as she is the most successful at being a mother to Ken, plus she adds the peaceful fighter type witch is very important when one of your teem is on the verge of committing murder. Two I like that the made Buttercup a tomboy because she ads a nice battle rager element that every group of supper hero’s or heroin’s should be without. Three blossom inset ditsy she is actually quit clever when need be, and plus she ads the comedy relief to the group witch can be helpful at times or hilariously annoying. And four giving them weapons was a great idea, because it makes each character even more unique, especially considering that there weapons are based on the things the kids they saved were holding when they got hit with the white light. If I am ever asked whether this show is a spin off or a additive I will say neither. I will say it’s a improvement and a show of its own even though it has similarities to the look that’s about all. I love this show I cant wit till I get to episode 51 were they meet the original PowerPuff Girls Z!!!!!!!!!!

oh I almost for got to give my rating for the show I’d give it a 20! out of 10. all in all its wya better then the origanal and all those people who are anoyed with Ken and the way Mojo acts just shut up, change is good and those people hwo dont exept it will be left behind,

When I watch this anime for 1st time, I spitted out WTF word for several times… What a change! After watching 2 episodes, I found that the remake is awesome and I won’t miss the rest. I’m a fan of the original PowerPuff Girls, too. The characters are a lot more cuter, wield weapons and have specific personality. The story emphasis on family and friendship, that is much more suitable to a Singaporean drama-mania like me. Anyway, the storyline is astonishing so DON’T MISS IT!






After reading people’s commentsI think I will treat the show as a different stories, not the new japanese version of the powerpuff girls. I like the powerpuff girls, and if the powerpuff girls z is anything like sailor moon, then at first I’ll be annoyed wit it but grow to love it.

I actually like the new series… it’s cute.
I’m glad that they are more mature because in the original I was like, “When are these girls EVER going to grow up?”

And they’re not 9, they’re like in 8th grade or something.

The mayor was so funny – correction, hilarious – but now he’s not stupid anymoreeee… 🙁

I like both of them, basically.
Except for the fact that in the English version of this show Bubbles/Miyako’s voice is too high. She’s in 8th grade! No offense to the people to like her high voice, but I like her deep and more mature voice…

My favorite episodes are 8, 12, and 48… cute. I can’t remember what episodes they’re called but I remember the numbers. At least I think that’s the numbers…
I know Taka-chan is in 48 but I’m not sure if he’s in 12 or 8. =P Ahhh… I suck.

Ahh, my stomach burns but it feels so cold…

I told you I suck.

But yeah, this is really cute.
When I first saw it I had forgotten about Powerpuff Girls and so when I watching it I was like, Sailor Moon?? I had only watched like two episodes of that series. And then it said, Powerpuff Girls Z. I had mistaken it for Power Girls 2. =P So I searched it online and I found that it was Powerpuff Girls Z. I kept on thinking WTF… and so I finally watched it. I found it was enjoyableeee

hi it is like the original ppg only older cuter and i can tell way more popular so u go 2 fanpop or you tube to see videos

I personally think the anime is good. But the thing is, I am a little confused. Why is Blossom so creepy when it comes to boys? I also like the transformations, but some parts of it is unnecessary. Like when they tilt the camera different ways, I don’t really think that’s cute. (Nope not even the faces) It’s just scary. The weapons are cute, but why do they have to call out a weird name for the attack every time? Why can’t they just come up with one riddle for an attack. Some of these examples are “Bubble Champaigne!” “Swing Sonic!” “Ballon Catcher!” and MANY more. The English version is also cute. WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE MUSIC?! (NO NEED FOR THAT!!!) now I’m not saying that the music is terrible, it’s just that liked the other one better. I’m a little sad that the girls aren’t sisters or daughters of the Dr. anymore, but change has to happen.

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