Free Comic Book (Manga!?) Day Coming Up!

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So apparently, Free Comic Book Day is on Saturday, May 6th. I’ve never actually gotten a free comic book on this holiday, but I imagine they’re more like samplers than “real” issues.

The part that caught my eye is that Tokyopop and Viz are both participating. So it might be a good time for me (and other manga addicts) to pick up some manga samplers. That Shoujo manga sampler I got a while back was pretty good reading (despite it being for 12 year old girls!). I just hope it won’t be a bust with just that American-made fake manga that Tokyopop likes to release…

Anyway, you can find a list of participating stores and the comics being offered at If only it were “Free Manga Day”…

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I have never gotten one of the free comic day books myself, but from what I remember about past ones, I was told they were complete comics books, well as complete as a single ~15-20 page comic can ever be anyways.

One issue of say, Spider-man isn’t exactly going to give you a good feel for the series, but hey, free stuff!

With any luck the free manga will be those ~200 page samplers that have been given away in the past with other manga/anime. Again, it’s not going to give you a good feel for any paticular manga, but its probably more interesting than a single issue of an american comic.

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