How To: Rip Audio From Video to MP3

In today’s Basugasubakuhatsu how to, I’ll show you the steps to make your own mp3s from a video file.

First off, you’ll need three free open source programs, VirtualDub Lame MP3 Encoder, and Audacity.

Download Virtualdub here.

Download Audacity and Lame MP3 Encoder here.

Virtualdub doesn’t have an installer, so you can place it anywhere on your system. Just make sure to remember where you put it ;). Next, run the Audacity installer, and lastly, extract the Lame MP3 Encoder. I’d suggest putting the Lame MP3 Encoder in the same directory as Audacity.

Now that everything is installed, we’ll need to extract the .wav file from the video with Virtualdub.

Go to Part 1: Using Virtualdub to extract the audio track.

6 thoughts on “How To: Rip Audio From Video to MP3”

  1. Steve .EUREEEEKAYou have just ended a 2 year nightmare!I have been edinitg GoToWebinars in Sony Vegas, and about May of 2007 the converted to standard .wmv files stopped being editable. I would import and it would just sit there as I watched the Vegas application’s Mem Usage in Windows Task Manager sky rocket until my RAM was maxed. Camtasia and Windows Movie Maker would similarly choke. Citrix blamed my software but would not recommend any edinitg software that would reliably edit their converted .wmv. The best they could offer was to use another program (Camtasia) to do the capturing!I was reduced to rebuilding slide shows in Vegas as imported JPGs and using the soundtrack (which I could salvage if I quickly deleted the video track before my RAM was maxed.) but then I got a 50+ slide presentaion with 5+ animations per slide. It drove me to Google and then Sam’s site here where I discovered the magic of re-converting the (supposedly) converted wmv. Viola! I can drag wmv in, Mem Usage stays below 100 Megs like it should, and it appears perfectly editable. One note: for me the transcoder was in C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\366 .a version/build thing I suspect that may change again when I visit GoTo and get the software re-installed as it does each time.Not sure what the GTW problem is. I suspect the conversion to standard WMV (which I do religiously by the way)never actually, or correctly took place. I would suspect maybe some version/build codec incompatibilty, as in it was recorded in one build but I might edit on another build .but the WMVs that are editable are always editable, the ones that choke, always choke. At any rate I am very grateful for this tidbit.

  2. Well, I just had to come back here and say thank you for the solutions. Our trnaeir gave me the GoTo meeting .wmv-recording so I wasn’t sure what method was used in the GoTo Recording options. I tried using the g2mtranscoder.exe via the cmd line a few times, and that wasn’t working so then I moved on to looking for the Windows Media File Editor..which isn’t really available thru Microsoft anymore, I believe I think it evolved into a bulky encoder that kept shutting down when I tried using it. But I downloaded a bunch of a/v editing software and converters, and I must have snagged it somehow? OR, I recently re-installed my Windows XP which was from older discs it may have installed then? I don’t know but I was so happy when I found it. It was in a folder in my Program Files called Windows Media Components and inside that folder was a folder called Encoder and in there, I found it! It was called wmeditor.exe so small and simple yet so powerful!There’s all kinds of goodies in that folder and I want to get to know them all!And I was just blown away when I marked in/marked out and did a file | save, and the file was created within seconds. I thot that’s not going to work. BTW, it writes over the original file there’s no warning or anything.But I pulled that .wmv file into Camtasia and produced a .swf and I’m just so happy. I’ve been stumped for years on this one.I just had to post back here and say thanks and say that as of Jan 2012, this solution is still working!!I hope my post helps some1 else!!God bless,Mary

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