Naruto Uncut Boxed Set Vol. 4 – Anime DVD Review


Hey, remember that time I made this the Naruto Anime Blog on April Fool’s Day (last year)? Well it kinda sorta becomes reality today with a review of the Naruto Uncut Boxed Set Vol. 4! Sorta…


Hey, remember that time I made this the Naruto Anime Blog on April Fool’s Day (last year)? Well it kinda sorta becomes reality today with a review of the Naruto Uncut Boxed Set Vol. 4! Sorta…

Editor’s Note: I didn’t write this review. My brother-in-law really wanted to watch it, so I let him watch it. And write my review! Woo hoo! So enjoy the change in writing style. My comments will be in bold.

The Naruto Box Set begins with the 3rd Chuunin elimination round.

Disc 1 has no special features with the exception of Naruto video games advertisements. Advertisements don’t count as extras! Boo!

Disc 3 has a look into Volume 5 box set and sketch to screen comparison of Episode 40. The storyboard comparisons are actually pretty neat.

There is a collectible Naruto Storyboard booklet.


Disc 1

Thirty-ninth episode is Sasuke vs Akadou. The animation budget for this one is low and you can see it from the stillness of the characters reminiscent of the old super hero series Superfriends. Yikes, that’s bad! The story is what makes you want to watch more of it. What exactly did Orochimaru put inside Sasuke and will he survive it, let alone his competitor. Don’t even want to rate the animation on this one.

Fortieth episode is Shino vs Kaku. This one is interesting because it gives the back-story of Kaku and why he still wants to fight with two broken arms. Again the animation is mediocre but the showdown between Kakashi and Orchimaru makes this episode worthwhile.

Forty-first and Forty-second episode: Sakura vs. Ino. Two best friends having to fight each other and what made them come apart. Wasn’t it Sakura’s giant forehead that made them into enemies? I give the animation a B-.

Forty-third episode: This episode has two matches: TenTen hot vs Temari slightly less hot and Shikamaru vs Kin. Temari’s wind is up against TenTen’s weapon summoning techniques. Next fight: poor Shikamaru, his abilities have already been revealed to his opponent Kunoichi during the second exam in the forest. Will he be able to win? Decent story and animation is a B-.

Disc 2

Forty four to Forty five episodes: Finally Naruto gets to fight! I liked this episode more than the rest. Not because of the flashy animation or the toughest foes but for cheering on for the underdog Naruto to win! How can he be the underdog? The friggin’ anime is named after him! Good Story and animation B.

Forty six and Forty seven episodes: Hinata vs. Neiji. This one is my second favorite episode of the box set. This one has plenty of action. There is tension between Neiji who wants to prove to the upper class Hinata that he is the genius fighter. Irony of it is that Hinata is timid and physically weaker. And moe. Good Story and animation B.

Episode Forty eight though Fifty on Disc3.

Gaara Vs. Rock Lee. You want fighting! You got it! You want good animation you got it in this three part episodes. Man, was I afraid for Rock Lee’s life in these episodes. I think Gaara is a better villian than Orochimaru. Gaara is a bit too emo to be a good villain, methinks. Good Story and animation B+.

Fifty-first episode. This episode I would classify as a setup for future ones. Kabuto the treacherous medical ninja is trying to assassinate Sasuke to prevent him from turning evil and give Orochimaru untold power.

Fifty-second episode Naruto’s training begins with closet pervert Ebisu Sensei. What makes this reviewer an addict to Naruto is the ninja skills Naruto and his friends learn during training. But surprisingly Naruto bumps into a Sennin: one of the wisest and powerful ninja like Orochimaru.

End of Review

Hey, let’s all give a hand to my bro-in-law. Thanks to Viz for sending me Naruto Uncut Boxed Set Vol. 4, and to Giovanni for reviewing it!

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  1. “Uncut” usually has a positive connotation, but with Naruto, don’t you wish they would release a “Cut” edition with all the fillers and repeated scenes left on the edit room floor?

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