Innocent Venus: Free Anime! (1st Episode)


So in typical ADV fashion, the first episode of Innocent Venus is available at IGN for streaming goodness. I previewed this almost a year ago (but I didn’t continue watching it due to the CG, and now I’m reminded again of how bad it is!) in case you want some screenshots.

Quick English VA Impressions:

  • Sana is okay, but she doesn’t sound young enough.
  • Annoying kid (Gora) is probably the best VA, which is weird considering that character is the most annoying.
  • Everyone else is pretty bad. Either sounding too emo (Jin) or cheesy (random terrorist dudes)

2 thoughts on “Innocent Venus: Free Anime! (1st Episode)”

  1. This show wasn’t good even when it was airing. It wasn’t just the CG mechs, it was the horrible plot. Maybe ADV will have some luck with it in the states.. ;/

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