009-1: First Episode Free Anime Download


Apparently, ADV really loves giving away anime downloads. At least, the first episodes of their anime. I wonder why they don’t give them away on their ADV Universe service, though, and instead opt to do it through IGN.

Anyway, here’s the link to watch the first episode. It’s pretty high res, but you have to watch it in the English dub.

5 thoughts on “009-1: First Episode Free Anime Download”

  1. Huh, this show actually got my attention way before when it was announced, though it kinda just went away after seeing the lack of concern for it. Any impressions?

  2. I’ve watched the first episode too several months ago. The unusual character designs turned me rather off. The evil guys look really silly with their big long noses. Reminded me of some older European educational cartoon series actually. Plot-wise it seemed to be similar to Charly Angel’s and 009-1 is a bit like a female 007 except gender isn’t the only difference. If I remember correctly, it “just went away” as it was pre-emptively licensed. Anyway, if they had used more attractive character designs – huge boobs alone don’t cut it – I might have enjoyed this fluffy spy/action show like any good no-brainer.

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