Saint October – Anime First Impressions

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Saint October is “that one anime with the gothlolis and amnesiacs” that I thought I wouldn’t watch. Well, fast forward today and I watched it. It was the best anime I’ve seen so far this year. It was also the first anime I’ve seen so far this year…

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Saint October starts with a news flash! Some masked shotacon is kidnapping young boys! It’s up to the detective agency of “grown men and cute girls” to the rescue! Hey, wait, what!? Anyway, the masked shotacon gets away with the kid, and the girls are left to eat cake. He used the old “way too many pigeons in the hat” trick.

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Apparently the masked shotacon is working for a company called “Reverse Company.” Their boss is looking for a particular kid, but he hasn’t been found yet. Instead of returning the kidnapped boys, they just let them hang out and play. Getting kidnapped is awesome!

Meanwhile, Kotono (the cat eared one) finds a mysterious child who is suffering from amnesia. It isn’t too long before masked shotacon attacks again! Kotono loses once again, and certain doom awaits Kotono and the kid. But wait, the kid imbues Kotono with some kind of magical card and she pwns the shotaon! Kids get!

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So the story really isn’t that compelling, but is it really that important? Not only are there cute lolis in this anime, they’re GOTH lolis! And they have magical powers! To be honest, I’m really only watching this for the character designs. If the plot starts to go nowhere, I don’t think this show will have much to stand on.

The animation is fairly average. I did notice some crappy CG cars that seemed out of place. Is it that hard to draw cars!? I didn’t really expect the animation to be that great, so I wasn’t disappointed or anything.

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I actually enjoyed the OP, Wheel of Fortune a lot. No, it’s not the same as the game show theme song. It’s kind of almost jazzy and fun. I like the opening sequence because the lyrics actually fly around instead of being on the bottom of the screen. Try and top that, fansubbers! The ED, Michi naru Basho e, is more subdued. It isn’t bad, but I don’t like it as much as the OP.

Download the OP: “Wheel of Fortune” by Azusa Kataoka, Yukari Fukui & Yu Kobayashi
Download the ED: “Michi naru Basho e” by Yukari Fukui

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Overall, Saint October seems to have only one thing going for it. Cute goth lolis. The plot is weak at best. I could imagine watching this anime if the plot becomes less retarded, but that isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. Be sure and let me know if it does, though!

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18 thoughts on “Saint October – Anime First Impressions”

  1. Well you were right about the OP being good because I really like it. Thanks for uploading it, by the way. ^^ However, I’m pretty sure this series isn’t going to be as entertaining as this entry you wrote, which was pretty damn entertaining, so I’ll probably just steer clear of Saint October.

  2. If I could get magical powers but I had to wear such a fruity outfit like the King’s… … …

    “…” is what I thought when I saw the next episode preview, called “loli bikuri!”

    Although the sponsors message at the end was…shall I say… depressingly cute?

  3. mmmm… well it’s like a copy of sailor moon but with some littles changes, im not sure but the girls look like the dolls of rozen maiden, mmm sinku and suiseki i think… but i like the grafics and the characters design…

  4. well, i already watched this series till ep9, half of them still unsubbed though. you said the animation is average and all, but i think, maybe the producer aimed for that kind of stupid animation. just to make it more hilarious. haha, i personally like this series though, the plot is just so stupid and funny.

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