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A Kiss For My Prince Vol. 1 – Manga Review


A Kiss For My Prince is a manga (or man-hwa?) that I’d typically not review. It’s shoujo (which technically, I’m not against…) and it’s also Korean, not Japanese. But hey, I got it from Infinity Studios so I figured I’d give it a quick spin…



Sei-Ann is an orphan who works as a servant for a Beck-Ja, a tyrannical noblewoman. One day, while off taking a nap, Sei-Ann meets a man on the run. Instead of helping him escape, she rats him out when he says that he can’t repay her. She later finds out that he’s the servant of the prince who is visiting Beck-Ja’s estate!

After seeing the prince, Sei-Ann decides she’ll seduce and marry the prince. The servant promises Sei-Ann that he’ll give her a chance to confess her love to the prince in exchange for a favor. Sei-Ann agrees to move to the royal palace to work as a maid. Little does she know that the “servant” is really the crown prince!


So this is a fairly typical shoujo story. The main character is a girl who wants to marry a prince and become royalty. There’s also some mystery elements, like how Sei-Ann remembers that she used to be a member of a well-to-do family, but she can’t remember which one.

My biggest gripe with the story is that none of the characters are really likable. Sei-Ann is selfish and kind of a bitch. She just wants to marry the prince so she’ll have an easy life! One of the princes, Joon, is nice in public, but a total ass in private. Shion is probably as manipulating as Sei-Ann, and the third prince, Yu-Jen, is a shotacon! I’m not really sure that I’d like to relate with any of these characters…


Character Designs and Art:

I’m not really a huge fan of any of these character designs, either. Though Beck-Ja is kind of hot in that she’ll beat you up kind of way. The art style of the manga switches a lot from uber-bishie hotness to super deformed. I personally like the latter better. I thought that the art was good for the most part, minus a couple of weird inconsistencies near the beginning of the book.

The Actual Book:

I can’t really say much about the build quality of the book, because I read a digital review copy. I can say that it was really weird reading the book from left to right, as manhwa is different from manga reading.


Overall, I’d say that A Kiss For My Prince is a pretty average manga… err… manhwa. While the art is decent, the story is actually kind of confusing and I couldn’t find myself relating to any of the characters. They’re all jerks! I did like the comedic super deformed parts, but that’s about it. The book did end with a cliffhanger ending. Maybe it picks up in the second volume?

Many thanks to Infinity Studios for providing me with a review copy of A Kiss For My Prince Vol. 1. If you want to learn more about this manga, check out the official website!

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i love a kiss for my prince(왕자님에게 kiss를) too!!

P.S. i’m korean, i prefer the korean one better. ^^

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