The Melancholy of LOL Fang-tan: nyoro~n!

LOL Fang-tan Mecha.jpg

I found these insanely cute 4koma at danbooru. They feature everyone’s favorite character, LOL Fang-tan! Also making an appearance: Kyon-kun, Nagatocchi, Mikuru, and a giant block of smoked cheese.

The key to these 4koma are the meticulously engineered punchlines. They all consist of “nyoro~n.” The more of these that I read, the more convinced I am that Fang-tan needs her own spinoff anime. Enjoy!

LOL Fang-tan 1.jpg

LOL Fang-tan 2a.jpg

LOL Fang-tan 2b.jpg

LOL Fang-tan 3.jpg

LOL Fang-tan 4.jpg

LOL Fang-tan 5.jpg

14 thoughts on “The Melancholy of LOL Fang-tan: nyoro~n!”

  1. One remark I remembered was, “I love that mysterious broad”. It was in a discussion where someone noticed that she is voiced by the same seyuu as Osaka from Azumanga.

  2. Allow me a couple stupid questions. LOLFang-tan is Tsuruya-san, right? Does “nyoron” mean anything, anyway? Google keeps feeding me something about a rock festival or something.

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