Haruhi Gone Wild (On Security Camera) On Nana Day!

So I saw on RC that there’s a special 7/7/7 promo on the website. Curious myself, I got it, and I figured I’d post it up here in case people were having a hard time finding it.

What follows is 20 or so minutes of grainy “security” camera video with the SOS-dan members up to no good! Hey, is that Patricia Ja Lee Haruhi!? I can’t tell…

I’m going to call this the “Paris Hilton” tape of anime, which means it’s not really worth watching the whole thing. If anyone has the patience to do so, and finds anything interesting, please post the timestamp in comments so we can partake in the awesomeness that is viral marketing.

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thx 4 za clip. awesome footage ! fake noise really brings out the 3 years ago feel of the moments when Kyon instilled in Haruhi the thought of there being Aliens, Time travellers, Espers and even Sliders….

well go read Haruhi novel 3 for more insight into the significanse of this event (see clip).



but anyway.

I wish they didn’t have so many shots of the emtpy school grounds. and i wish there were scratchy voices.

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