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Ghost Hunt – Anime First Impressions

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For the most part, Japanese horror stuff makes me laugh. For example, I thought Ayakashi and Jigoku Shoujo were really funny. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni wasn’t really that scary either. Ghost Hunt doesn’t really seem like a typical horror anime, though. I think it’s more Ghostbusters than Friday the 13th.

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For the most part, Japanese horror stuff makes me laugh. For example, I thought Ayakashi and Jigoku Shoujo were really funny. Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni wasn’t really that scary either. Ghost Hunt doesn’t really seem like a typical horror anime, though. I think it’s more Ghostbusters than Friday the 13th.

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Taniyama Mai is your average high school girl stuck in indentured servitude. Yes, much like Fujioka Haruhi, Mai broke something of great value and must work in a club in order to pay off her debt. Rather than work in a host club, Mai must work for Shibuya Psychic Research, a ghost hunting agency!

Shibuya Kazuya isn’t interested in normal humans; he’s only interested in ghosts. He’s the president of Shibuya Psychic Research. Together, him and Mai set out to solve the mystery of the haunted school building! Apparently the principal had him transferred to the school for just that reason. They’re also joined by the psychic iincho, the hot miko and monk, an Australian exorcist, and a medium. Talk about overkill!

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So far, Ghost Hunt looks like it’ll be a romantic comedy horror. Yeah, there seems to be this sort of romantic tension between Mai and Shibuya. Right now she’s being tsuntsun, but we all know she’ll get deredere for him later on…

The anime also seems to be leaning towards comedy rather than flat out horror. Like the situation with all of these paranormal experts is just wacky. There might be a scary moment here and there, but I’m not seeing this anime turn into something like The Ring.

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Compared to the manga version, the character designs look really really good. The manga art was way ugly. Mai is especially cute, thought he psychic iincho is definitely not. I do like how the characters will do the exaggerated emotion thing now and then. This anime is being done by my favorite studio, J.C. Staff, and the quality of their work shows in the art.

I didn’t include the OP and ED because they’re just instrumental. The OP is really boring, but the ED is cool. Also, both of the sequences for the OP and ED are really lame. They’d be good as screensavers, but that’s about it.

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Right now I’m a bit undecided about Ghost Hunt. The premise seems cool enough, but we haven’t even seen any actual ghosts yet! If they play up the romantic bits and show some more ghost action, I think we’ll have a winner.

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Australian exorcist…really…not Austrian exorcist? Austrian makes more sense really…never really associated Australia with ghosts all that much. More like animal and nature and dream spirits which are not ghosts…I blame Shinto…the most ill-concieved and secular of religions.

I think ghost hunt is great i have seen up to ep. 3. It’s funny and creepy. The opening credits are alone better than 99% of anime openings. Death Note is better though.

The best is yet to come, from episode 4 onwards, all the spine chilling stuff start to happens, especially episode 5.

In order to get a good sample of what the show’s truly about, you really have to watch past the first file. That first is just an exposition, you know,your typical “get to know the characters” set-up. The cases that crop up later in the series are really very interesting, often emotionally-charged and sometimes downright creepy. Lot’s of ghost action. So don’t let yourself be put off by the relatively boring first case. It gets sooo much better.

I have watched Ghost Hunt up to Episode 22 and I look forward to seeing more episodes. If you are into the supernatural and unknown then this anime is definitely one to check out. Its not your normal fun-filled anime with lots of cute characters but its definitely one with some humor in it, especially with the relationship Mai and Naru have with each other. The episodes touch on the different aspects of paranormal research that everyday people really dont know about. I love ghost stories and this definitely will keep you at the edge of your seat as you travel with the paranormal research team to try to deal with the ‘mysterious’ cases they encounter. Some episodes are scary and then again, some are not really serious. The art is great and the opening and closing music really sets the tone for the anime series….check this one out….it will definitely not disappoint!

i have seen the series until ep 24..this would be the last case so i guess they are goin to end at ep 25 / 26.. 🙂 overall it’s really a super nice anime 🙂 i love it..somehow it’s kinda touching and horrifiying and cute in the sense!

awesome, unique, fairly original anime with lots supernatural, humour and slight romance kekeke.

love the intros and outros, suits it so well ^^.

the only thing i didnt like was Naru’s cocky attitude and the last ep was a bit disappointing.

but yeah, as the anime progresses, the cases get more intense hehe.

This anime/manga seriously kicks some major ass! And im not saying that just for the cursing! XD anyway, i’ve now watched 25 episodes in 2 days… AND i would still continue watching, if there was anymore… *sigh* boredom again, since i have nothing to watch.

But anyway, this rocks. It has a cool dark/mysterious supernatural theme going for it (kinda like the tv series Supernatural) with awesome and individual characters (such as my all-time-favorite : NARU!!! He’s just too cool! *SPOILER* Plus, he’s got some serious power *END SPOILER* XD!!!)

if you haven’t watched it… WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!?! THE COWS TO COME HOME?!?!?! GET ON YOUTUBE AND WATCH IT!!!!!! yay!

Watch out people, things get creepier later on. Not like The Ring or anything, but ep 18 (I think it was 18, well, somewhere on that case) it gets pretty freaky, not scary, but freaky yeah…ooooooo

this is the most awesome anime show i have EVER watched, if you don’t count avatar the last airbender and i’m not even sure that’s anime. anyway love it. don’t like the ending of the series much though. seroius need a second season.

it’s so far the best anime i’ve watched. and i think will always be. it’s so good i can’t stop watching it again even though i already watched it. btw, kazuya is so cute…….. i think they seriously ought to have a second season or movie or maybe OVA to reveal all the things that’s not been revealed yet after the last episode. like, naru chan’s real identity, and others. i want more and more and more!!!! so does EVERYONE!!!!

this is the best!! it might not be great in terms of technicality but is superb for entertainment!! ONEGAISHIMASU!!1 2ND SEASON PLEASE!!!

I have watched all of this!!!
episodes 18-21 are really creepy, the scaryest case by far. I like everything about this anime. I don’t have much hope for the english version though. The ones who are doing it are funanimation, the ones who killed tsubasa.
Not to much romance here, what there is works well. Even a non-romantic fan like me wants to know more about what happens between them. I can’t see Naru taking Mai on a date though, thats not him.
Hope theres a second season!
there probably won’t be. . .

It so cool!I like the sibuya or Naru you can say i hope that masako or whatever her name is cannot not win the proud shibuya heart cos I prefer Mai^^xD maybe the names are wrong cos i have short memory

why is there no mention of the tall hot diviner?! I get it’s overkill but HELL that is one HOT diviner! How could you NOT mention Lin Koujo?! Why are there no pictures of him here?! And what about Yasuhara-kun? WHERE IS MY YOUNG ECHIGOYA?!!!

Well, in the end, it turned out to be a big winner! At least, that’s what i thought. You seem to have a good grasp on it, even though this is ‘first impressions’. Pretty much everything you said is correct:
The genre is most definitely a three-way mix between Romance, Comedy, and Horror.
I’m actually only on Episode 17 at this point, and i’m a little sad that i have less than 10 episodes left T-T. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. That doesn’t mean i’m not going to watch it again, though. 😉

Alright, i guess the best parts of Horror can’t be found in the first season (1-13). More like, a little bit here and there, with a few creepy faces popping up. No one gets hurt, though! That just bugs me.
Now, second season is turning out great, and i heard a rumor about Episode 19… which i can’t share here, but it’s the second episode in an arc called “Blood-smeared Labrynth”. Sounds good, right? I even saw some screenshots with blood smeared all over the walls, buckets, and even filling a bathtub ^.^
Of course, like i said, i personally haven’t gotten that far, ssoooo… let’s cross our fingers and hope to see TRUE HORROR for the first time in the whole series!

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