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Tsuyokiss Cool x Sweet – Anime First Impressions

Whether you like tsunderes or not, Tsuyokiss is upon us! This is the anime that was billed as “A ‘Tsundere’ TV Animation.�? Can Tsuyokiss live up to hype? Or does it fall like a house of tsunderes?

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Whether you like tsunderes or not, Tsuyokiss is upon us! This is the anime that was billed as “A ‘Tsundere’ TV Animation.�? Can Tsuyokiss live up to hype? Or does it fall like a house of tsunderes?

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For some reason or other, this anime’s description suggests that it’s about a boy named Tsushima Reo who gets stuck with a tsundere harem. Strangely, the first episode seemed to center on another character, Konoe Sunao. She’s a drama freak, but unfortunately, her new school doesn’t have a drama club. She makes her way to the student council to protest.

Okay, weird tangent time! In my supernatural Japan class, I learned about how there’s supposed to be this god’s palace type place called “Ryuuguu” which literally means “Palace of the Dragon King.” It’s supposed to be deep under the ocean. When Sunao asks for directions to the student council, the guy refers to it as Ryuuguu, and it’s located on an island. Weird, huh? Anyway, back onto topic:

Sunao enters the student council room, and stumbles upon sekuhara! Kyaa! The council president tells her to put on an interesting play (or something like that) and she’ll approve the drama club (I think).

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Sunao decides to do Romeo and Juliet (doushite anata wa Romeo na no?) filling the parts of both Romeo and Juliet simultaneously. She does pretty well at first, but then explodes the set after noticing her childhood friend!

Unfortunately, Reo doesn’t recognize her, and calls her Daikon because she has twin tails. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me either… Sunao fails at getting the club, but she makes a new friend, Asada Shizuka.

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At this point the story doesn’t really seem to be heading anywhere. With an anime that has so many characters, a lot of time needs to be spent introducing them all. Hopefully once all the introductions are out of the way, a plot will form.

Like I noted before, it’s kind of weird how the anime’s main character is supposed to be Reo, yet the episode was in the perspective of Sunao. Maybe each episode will focus on a different girl’s story… That could be interesting. Maybe it’ll follow the format of the Higurashi anime, where each arc will reset… It would be kind of hard to accomplish in just 13 episodes, though.

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There are quite a few characters, yet not a single meganekko in sight! I’m kind of disappointed. I have a some characters that I like anyway. Kanisawa Kinu is a good token loli. I like the character design for Asada Shizuka, though I think she’s a minor character. My favorite is Nishizaki Noriko. She’s also voiced by the wonderful Kaneda Tomoko. Unfortunately, all she ever says is “kuu.” Nice misuse of talent!

The animation quality is on par with other anime. The detail is high enough for a simple harem anime. I did notice that they reused a lot of show footage for the opening credits, which is lame.

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I kinda like the OP. The lead singer has a really good voice. The music itself isn’t the greatest, though. I don’t like the ED. It makes me kinda sleepy, which reduces the number of anime I can watch.

Download the OP: “Sunao ni Narenai” by Little Non
Download the ED: “open” by Kaori Utatsuki

Judging from the first episode, I think the Tsuyokiss anime should be okay. It’s simple enough for me to understand raw, and the characters are interesting enough to keep me watching for now. Plus I wanna see where this leads! That’s right, any yuri element in anime will automatically force me to watch it! Tanoshimi ni!

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