Lucky Star – Anime Promo Impressions

Judging by the promo, the Lucky Star anime is going to be very, very good.

Also, props to a.f.k. for subbing this. Seriously, it’s probably the most accurate translation job I’ve seen in an anime fansub in quite a while.

Err, wait, doesn’t it say that it’s airing on Wednesday, at 1:30!? Damn it a.f.k.! You had one thing to translate and you couldn’t do that right!!!

19 thoughts on “Lucky Star – Anime Promo Impressions”

  1. Just like with Haruhi, it seems like Kyoto Animation isn’t even trying to hype their own series. Still no promotion trailer, right? This might be a good thing, as it’s harder to attribute blame to them this way. I expect it to be good, though, judging by what I’ve seen of the source material.

    Can you imagine that same commercial with Haruhi or Nayuki?

  2. Well, the CM was probably pulled from channel Tokyo MX, and they’re slated to broadcast Lucky Star on the 11th @ 1:30~2:00. The series itself will make its official premiere on the 8th on TV Chiba @ 0:00~0:30, and I believe a.f.k. was going by that date.

  3. Hmmm. I guess that’s a plausible explanation for the date… But they could’ve just translated the text on there and they would’ve been technically right…

  4. I think this promo *does* have a point. It’s about showing that Hirano Aya (don’t even recognize her here!) can make those bizarre sounds that made Hirohashi Ryou’s voicing of Konata in the DS game (and Drama CDs?) so great. よ〜〜〜〜い 🙂

  5. Hmmmm, I will defininlty be downloading those fansubs (hopefull sseclipse does em) when they are released.
    BTW, will you be having another karoke contest?

  6. Contrary for me even though I might like the real anime of it, every time my friend replayed this thing, my anger temper increased by 1 degrees..
    I like stupid things, but I hate repetitive stupid things..

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