Joshikosei GIRLS HIGH – Anime First Impressions

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In my Spring anime preview, I figured that the Joshikosei anime would be sorta like a mature version of Azumanga Daioh. I guess it all depends on what your idea of “mature” is…

Joshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 10.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 11.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 12.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 13.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 14.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 15.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 16.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 17.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 18.jpg

If your idea of mature is pantsu, then yes, Joshikosei is very mature. This phenomenon has already been documented on other anime blogs, but seriously, it deserves more mention. This anime is like a Ocktoberfest of pantsu. Even before the episode title is announced, there’s at least 3 panty shots! This just proves that Japanese people are obsessed with pantsu!

Joshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 19.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 20.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 21.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 22.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 23.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 24.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 25.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 26.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 27.jpg

Once you get past the pantsu smorgasbord, what you’re left with is a fairly average anime about high school freshmen. They’re pretty much stoked to make it to high school, but it doesn’t turn out the way they imagined.

This happened to me too; after watching countless episodes of Saved by the Bell, I figured that high school life would consist of a cool principal, countless pranks everyday, and hanging out at the Max! How wrong I was…

Joshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 28.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 29.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 30.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 31.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 32.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 33.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 34.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 35.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 36.jpg

Basically, the story consists of the six main girls doing stupid stuff. This usually consists of getting into trouble, and then having their panties exposed. It isn’t very original, and it really does get old after a while. The first episode had the two leaders of the three girl gangs (that’s how I consider them at least) being locked in a room and trying to escape. Hopefully the next episode won’t be so generic.

Joshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 37.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 38.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 39.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 40.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 41.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 42.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 43.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 44.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 45.jpg

The character designs are actually pretty good. They’re not Azumanga good, or Doki Doki good, but they’re passable. It’s inevitable that this anime will be compared to other (better) high school anime, so it’s sort of an uphill battle for Joshikosei. Meganekko is cute, and the other girls aren’t THAT bad. It’s just that the Azumanga characters were so damn cool!

Joshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 46.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 47.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 48.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 49.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 50.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 51.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 52.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 53.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 54.jpg

The animation is okay. There’s not really that much action, so I think the anime relies more on facial expressions to get the point across. I actually liked the expressions they used a lot. It’s my own opinion that the beady eyes and >_< eyes are really expressive. They use those a lot in this anime, so thumbs up from me!

Joshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 55.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 56.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 57.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 58.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 59.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 60.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 61.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 62.jpgJoshikosei GIRLS-HIGH 63.jpg

The OP is fairly good (better than the anime deserves, I think). It also seems kind of inappropriate for a high school girls comedy… It’s by yozuca*, who did the OP for Tactical Roar. The ED is more appropriate for this anime. It’s okay; not really awesome or anything. The ED sequence also has some fun dancing, but it just doesn’t compare to the dancing of Suzumiya Haruhi

Download the OP: “Kirameku” by yozuca*
Download the ED: “incl.” by meg rock

I’ll be honest: this first episode of Joshikosei wasn’t very good. I’m a big fan of the wacky high school comedy genre, so I’ll give it another episode. If it doesn’t shape up, this anime is headed straight to the recycle bin!

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28 thoughts on “Joshikosei GIRLS HIGH – Anime First Impressions”

  1. I thought this was a great introduction. The story improved in later episodes. Gotta love those unpredictable, almost-too-different-to-get-along girls.

  2. Hi, I’ve seen Joshikosei too, i’m at episode 8 and i think that this anime deserve some credits for the funny side if you put aside the too frequently Panty shots you have a story somewhat good, I aggre that it don’t even come close to be as good as Azumanga but it’s a good little anime. I like the characters espacially the wacky Akari Koda.

  3. Hey There..

    Thanks for the insight into the series.. it sounds like it could be pretty cool.. but I’ll keep an open mind. I’ll see it if I can get my hands on a copy.

    Off topic, Ever seen Ikkitousen? It’s like one continuous panty shot, no serious! It wouldn’t have surprised me if they devoted one of thoes small circles in the bottom corner of the screen, that has a person doing sign language on films, and replaced the person doing sign language with just constant streaming pictures of Panties. I get the feeling from what I’ve heard from yourself, the people who have also seen this and this pictures above that Joshikosei Girls High is much the same in this regard.

    Side note, if that series of yours made it to the recycle bin, sell it to me. hehe. [email protected], semi-serious.


  4. Ah, u have to admit, its one of the funniest animes around, no rival for ouran high of course, but pretty close.

    As for the panty shots, i gotta say, this is one of the most risque animes for teen girls, i almost wet myself laughin at the bit with the purple vibrator LMAO


  5. Well I’ve only seen episodes 1, 2, 3 and 7 (curtesy of YouTube and very poor quality, not helped by my stitching/converting) but I liked them so much I’ve ordered the 3 DVD complete series that was released yesterday (19 Feb ’08).

    So copyright-suits: YouTube does generate sales…

    I think episode 3 makes some pretty deep comments on human nature whilst still remaining funny; which, considering the, serious, subject covered is quite an achievement.

    Episode 2 took me back to my mixed boarding school’s PMEs (Periodic Medical Examinations)…

    I’m looking forward to getting the full series: on the strength of what I’ve seen I’m expecting it will be worth my very hard earned cash (hoping, anyway).

    … and I just love Himeji’s voice …

  6. i love it so much.. i gOt the DVD.. i watch it so many timez.. but a lil part i dont like.. umh.. went can see the “”.. btw it’s really nice..

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