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Dreamhost = Bandwidth Galore!!!


I just logged into my Dreamhost Control Panel (the webhost that I use), and read an announcement that they’ve just quadrupled the disk space and octupled the bandwidth!

Seriously folks, this is a lot. Now I can serve a terabyte of stuff every month without going over my quota! On top of that, the allowed bandwidth increases by 8GB a week! For a quick comparison, I used about 1 GB of bandwidth my entire first month. 

With all this extra bandwidth, I need some ideas on how to use it. I was thinking of serving MP3s, but I don’t know how legal that would be (is it legal if I serve the TV audio rips of OP and EDs?). My DDR Videos also kinda took some bandwith, but they’re fairly small.

Give me some ideas on how I can put all this bandwidth to good use… Of course, I think serving entire episodes is totally out of the question…

Oh, and if you were thinking of getting a webhost, seriously consider Dreamhost. The service is cheap ($7.95 a month if you prepay for a year) and pretty reliable. Tell em BasuGasuBakuhatsu (notoupee) sent ya! You can use the promo code BASUGASU50 when you register, and get $50 off, which also helps me pay for my hosting bill too! Awesome!

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WordPress 2.0 Upgrade Impressions

So I finally decided to upgrade to WordPress 2.0 after reading about how awesome it is at itsumo anime blog. The process was pretty painless. Mostly I was worried that the entire blog would be burned to the ground. Most of the process is backing up in case the process fails, but the upgrade is so easy that it’s kind of hard to screw it up.


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Regardless of whether you subscribe or not, I really appreciate the fact that people are actually reading my blog. It encourages me to keep going and want to create new stuff for you to read. Anyway, thanks, and goodnight!


Cute Overload! (not really about anime)

Ok, so this admittedly doesn’t have anything to do with Anime, but this website is too cute! It’s called Cute Overload (I think Cute Overlord would be cool too), and it has nothing but pictures of cute animals. Kawaii!!!!!! Maybe a cute anime overload should be in the works next?



My Blog is worthless…

Here’s a neat blog trick that I found. It shows you how much your blog is worth. What with my blog being 1 day old and all, I don’t expect it to be worth much. But in fact, it has been proven worthless. Thanks Technorati, you just made my day! Actually, I’m just putting this on the side bar, so if in fact my blog ever became worth something, I would immediately sell it and buy an island to live the rest of my days.

My blog is worth $0.00.
How much is your blog worth?