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Anime Nano Update: The State of The Nano


note: Danbooru is down, so I’m using this picture because it’s funny

Ah, two weeks have now passed since the release of my baby, Anime Nano, and I thought I’d give a quick update on its status and whatnot.

Lots more bugs have been squashed. The hardest one for me was the unicode disaster bug. Let’s just say that if you’re ever debugging something that’s being scheduled on cron, make sure the crontab has your environment paths set correctly. Whoops! That probably didn’t make sense to anyone…

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So I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy this Summer. ‘Doing what?,’ you ask? Rolling my own blog feed aggregator and forums, that’s what! Yep, Anime Nano is yet another blog feed aggregator for, you guessed it, anime.

Now, I have nothing against either antenna or Blogsuki. To me, they’re on two weird polar extremes. Antenna has a lot of blogs. Like, 100! There’s a lot of good blogs on there, but not all of them interest me. On the other hand, Blogsuki has less blogs, and a lot of good ones were kicked off. I really like Blogsuki, but I think I should be able to choose which blogs I want to read. That’s where Anime Nano comes in.