Angel Beats Episode 8

Angel Beats is still pretty good, but has anyone noticed the production values going downhill? Look at the side of fake pottery guy’s hands!

Also, I guess it is sort of annoying that things seem to be going nowhere and we’re still stuck wondering about Angel and her “Angel Manual.” If this is all a computer program I’m gonna be pissed!

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The production values have always been pretty spotty to me. But I don’t bother nitpicking Angel Beats much, because I think of it as a simple distraction, not a show I care much about. It’s fine for background watching, but that’s about it.

I find myself wondering which will end up entertaining me more: Angel Beats or Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. So far, they’re basically dead even for me.

I actually think that what keeps the whole supense of the story is the fact that we don’t exactly know what the whole angel thing is about. In my opinion the moment the secret is revealed the story will be over unless another problem arises , for example that they have to definitely kill her or something like that.

Initially, though, i was interested in the macabre humor that the show spins: each of the characters came from whacked-out pasts (& bad ends), but comes into this “afterlife” as a comedian. Yuzuru Otonashi (the main character)’s past is revealed, and I go, “WTF?! Nobody reads the Book Of Job anymore!”

(On a segue, I am pretty sure the show has some very serious underlying sexist overtones, because female characters – barring the annoying Yui – are portrayed as having very cruel pasts, at least as far as Iwazawa (the former female vocalist of GDM) and Yuri’s (the leader of the Battlefront) pasts were revealed.)

I have to agree with Lusie’s opinion in that like Scrapped Princess, once you reveal the secret of the premise to the audience (for the former, *spoilers* the whole world is a sci-fi prison-cocoon) the plot is lost.

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