Kimi Ni Todoke – 2

kimi ni todoke 2

So I watched another episode of Kimi Ni Todoke. It seems that the major force that will drive conflict in this story is the misunderstanding between Sadako and the dude (still can’t remember his name). Apparenlty Sadako really only had feelings of respect and admiration for the guy, and the guy kinda actually liked her. But come on! He chooses to sit by her in class, goes up directly to her to talk with her, etc.

They could really just hook it up already! But maybe that’s unrealistic since they’re moody high school kids with insecurities.

Also, I think that Ryu guy wants Sadako and is more her type: quiet and introverted.

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I think the thing that makes this so interesting for me is the very conflict you don’t seem to be interested in. There’s this misunderstanding, which is so slight but true to life. You know, the relentless “Does he like me as a friend or a girl?” thing most people (especially nerds like me) remember from their teenage day. For me – who consumes romantic shojos by the dozens, this sweet and naive slice-of-life anime is absolutely mesmerizing. It’s not superficial or coy or overly angsty. It’s not bland or bitter. It walks the path of a heartfelt but slightly dreamy anime with characters and emotions I can really relate to while radiating a relentless optimism.

The anime has high production values and is absolutely gorgeous, capturing that very tone with its bright colors and cute chibis and dreamy watercolors.

I don’t know. I REALLY REALLY appreciate the slow budding romance between the two characters and the tone and… everything. It’s a breath of fresh air for this shojo veteran. It’s totally my idea of a slice-of-life. I hope you stick with it!

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