New Header Goodness! (Thanks To Kabitzin!)

So I usually don’t like making a whole new post just to announce a new header, but this is different. You see, a long time ago, I wrote a comment on Sea Slugs! Anime Blog. And not just any comment; it was the 6,000th comment on SS!AB! As a prize, I could choose anything I wanted to be drawn!

Avoiding any requests that could implicate me later on, I chose to go for a drawing of Yotsuba from Yotsuba&! since the long-awaited 4th volume had finally come out. And 9 months later, a baby was born! 3 months later, I got a picture of Yotsuba grasping for a 1-up mushroom! I said I would use it for a header image, but I was way too lazy to change the Tenma one.

Until now! I took some liberties with the image and stuck it on my header. I think it looks really great! Part of me thinks Kabitzin is actually Azuma Kiyohiko in disguise! I tried to keep the signature in there, but I also wanted to give some credit where credit is due.

So yeah, credit for the awesome illustration goes to Kabitzin. Thanks, dude!

P.S. I pre-ordered this Yotsuba action figure from Revoltech, but it’s not gonna come out for a while. Which is too bad because it looks like a lot of fun!

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@Kabitzin: Who? Tenma or Yotsuba? Tenma probably has a life now that she’s off of my anime blog. Because people on anime blogs obviously don’t have any lives (BURN).

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