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Shinobi – Heart Under Blade: Blu-ray Review

I got this Blu-ray disc a while ago from Funimation but I was never able to watch it since I didn’t have a player. Recently I bought a Playstation 3, so I test drove its high definition video skills with this movie. Unfortunately, I forgot to set the display to 1080i! orz

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Big Dreams Little Tokyo Release Date: 07/22/08

A while back, I reviewed a movie called “Big Dreams Little Tokyo.” I liked it a lot, and I’m happy to announce that the film is actually on its way to a DVD release. I used to be a film (media arts) student, so I’m pretty psyched whenever an indie film gets some support behind it. This film is about a likeable weeaboo, so that’s gotta be double-support from me.

Anyway, the movie is available for pre-order on Amazon, so check out my review and if you want, pre-order it!

P.S. I wouldn’t really endorse this movie unless I liked it. Sure, there are some flaws in the acting and writing, but from what I recall, the movie was pretty entertaining to me from the perspective of an American who has an interest in Japanese culture.

Anime DVD Review

Vexille – Anime DVD Review

I just got this DVD in the mail and since I’m off from school and work for a little while I figured I’d actually watch something! I guess you could say my review queue is more of a stack versus a queue


So… Funimation Sent Me a Loli

That’s right! To promote a new license, they sent me this sweet, sweet lollipop. Yeah, “Save Me! Lollipop!” Wait, isn’t the original title “Mamotte! Lollipop?” “Mamotte” translates to protect, not “save.” Maybe if the original was called “Tasukete! Lollipop!” Anyway, I guess “Save Me! Lollipop” is more catchy of a title than “Protect Me! Lollipop!”

There’s been some criticism of Funimation’s license choice recently. I guess if they have money for ludicrous marketing payola (in the form of lollipops) they have money for ludicrous licenses. If you’re curious as to what the text is on the letter they sent, it’s the same as what ANN got.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some lollipop to eat.