Anime DVD Review

009-1 Vol. 1 – Anime DVD Review


009-1 is that one cyborg spy anime from the Fall of 2006 that really didn’t get much recognition. It probably had something to do with the fact that it quickly got licensed by ADV (and stopped getting fansubbed).

Anime Anime Nano

Introducing Anime Nano Popularity Charts!


Anime Nano, my anime blog aggregator community thing, turned 1 year old this month! I was going to write a post about it, but I wanted to wait until I got a new feature finished. It’s been a while since I added anything to Anime Nano.

There’s already a popularity cloud thing in the footer of Anime Nano, but I wanted to make something that had more potential for discussion. Since people like charts, I figured I’d introduce some kind of weekly top ten chart that ranks the popularity of anime based on how many blog posts are written during the past week. Hence the name, Anime Nano Popularity Charts!

The charts auto-update every Sunday and make a top ten list showing the most popular anime. Only the blog posts that are “tagged” with a series count. Though it’s only polling a subset of the anime blogging community (the blogs that are in Anime Nano) I still think it’s a pretty fair representation of which anime are popular.

In one week, the charts will update, though you’ll still be able to go back and see the previous charts, too. Let me know what you think!

Manga Review

Kamui Vol. 7 – Manga Review


After catching up with the series, I finally had to wait a while for more Kamui. By the time I started reading the 7th volume, I think I forgot a lot of the plot. Luckily, this volume contains a “preview” that sums up a lot of the previous plot. Yay for that!


009-1: First Episode Free Anime Download


Apparently, ADV really loves giving away anime downloads. At least, the first episodes of their anime. I wonder why they don’t give them away on their ADV Universe service, though, and instead opt to do it through IGN.

Anyway, here’s the link to watch the first episode. It’s pretty high res, but you have to watch it in the English dub.

Manga Review

High School Girls Vol. 1 – Manga Review


I remember watching the first episode of Joshikosei GIRLS HIGH and thinking it was totally lame. But also thinking it was kind of funny. I never continued watching the anime, but I did get a crapload of the manga to review!