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Kamui Vol. 6 – Manga Review


After reading the action and plot filled volume 5 of Kamui, I was really stoked to read volume 6. I’m happy to say that this volume contains more fighting, plot, and even a little romance! And it’s not yaoi romance! Well, at least, not all of it…

Manga Review

Galaxy Angel Vol. 2 – Manga Review


The second volume of Galaxy Angel takes the Angel squad through hot springs and hostage situations! Plus Ranpha gets all tsuntsun over Takuto. Will she ever get to the deredere phase?

Manga Review

Buso Renkin Vol. 1 – Manga Review


When I think of Buso Renkin, I think of a few things. First, I think of Rurouni Kenshin, since the author is also Watsuki Nobuhiro. Next, I think of the butterfly glasses guy. Finally, I think of whether it’s really “Busou Renkin,” or “Buso Renkin.”

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The Haruhi Suzumiya Phoenix Wright Connection!

Sorry for my insane lateness on this, but it’s really too awesome for me not to blog. In December, I picked up Phoenix Wright for the Nintendo DS. Before that, I had watched all of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (yes, I still call it that). I was loitering around in the Cheapass Gamer forums today when I saw the forum signature of Admiral Ackbar:


At first I thought it was some clever hoax, but apparently the anime really did a parody/homage of Gyakuten Saiban! Itsuki also does some of the other actions like the bow that the other lawyer dude does.

There’s even a youtube video of the scene with Phoenix Wright scenes added! Awesome!

I really need to start playing this again.

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Move Over, Hirano Aya! Patricia Ja Lee Is My New Haruhi!


So quite a while back, like in December, was claimed and a few promotional videos for the North American licensing of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya were created. In these videos, we see a new Haruhi. Not Hirano Aya (or Hinano), but Patricia Ja Lee! Apparently she was the yellow pink power ranger after the first one died. Hey, does the “yellow” power ranger always have to be Asian!?

I was never really into the power rangers, since they were popular around the time I had outgrown that type of show. Of course, if I had been as much of a weeaboo then as I am now, and if I knew the show was based on a Japanese sentai show, I probably would’ve been a huge fan! Sad, huh?

Anyway, back to the point. Patricia Ja Lee beats the pants (skirt?) off of Hirano Aya in terms of hotness! Maybe it’s just because she decided to put on glasses for a few seconds (meganekko Haruhi for the win!) but I think I’ve fallen hard. Plus she’s really good at speaking English, which is bragable. I also like her really bad acting, which I think is purposeful (I hope).

Does anyone else think this new Haruhi is uber hot? Or is it just me? Seriously, with all of the fuss that’s always being made about Hirano Aya, you’d think there’d be more PJL fan sites up… I’m making a new poll, so be sure to vote for your Haruhi of choice!