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Boogiepop and Others (Vol. 1) – Light Novel Review


The Boogiepop franchise seems to be one of the more popular in anime and manga. Strangely, I’ve never really gotten into it. When I did decide to get into the series, I chose the original source of the story, the light novel!

Anime Live Action

The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 – Haruhi Meets The Box

Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 01Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 02Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 03Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 04Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 05Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 06Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 07Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 08Adventures of the ASOS Brigade 005 09

So the next episode of The Adventures of the ASOS Brigade has come out! For some reason this one is number 005. So they’re skipping around like the original Haruhi anime? Great… In this episode, Haruhi gets a tip about a secret alien base. She, Mikuru and Yuki go to Area 42.

They stalk around and find a real life alien closet! The closet is some kind of clothes changing one. So Yuki gets the witch costume and Mikuru gets the bunny suit from Asahina Mikuru no Bouken. Would it have killed them to get Patricia Ja Lee in a bunny suit? Seriously, that’s how you sell dvds!

Light Novel

Dark Horse Licenses Oh! My Goddess Novel


I just saw this via Anime News Network.

Apparently Dark Horse has licensed the Light Novel of Oh! My Goddess titled “First End.” But the Oh! My Goddess manga (and subsequent anime) was never based on a light novel. This novel came afterwards, and was written by the seiyuu for Urd, Touma Yumi.

So I guess the requirements for being a novelist in Japan are mad voice acting skills… Seems pretty weird if you ask me. Shouldn’t Oh! My Goddess be a popular enough series that an actual writer writes the novel? I guess I shouldn’t knock it until I read it myself, though.

All in all, it reconfirms my thoughts about light novels in general. 2007 is their breakout year!


Byousoku 5cm Part 1: Oukashou – Anime Review

Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 01Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 02Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 03Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 04Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 05Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 06Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 07Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 08Byousoku 5cm Oukashou - 09

I finally got a chance to check out the super beautiful Byousoku 5cm. Apparently sakura petals fall at the rate of 5cm per second. Everyone knows they really accelerate at 9.8m/s2

Anime DVD Review

Origin ~Spirits of the Past~ (Gin-Iro no Kami no Agito): Anime DVD Review


Origin ~Spirits of the Past~ or Gin-Iro no Kami no Agito is Studio Gonzo’s first full length theatrical anime movie. It was released about a year ago in Japan, and it was shown in America in September of last year. It was finally released on DVD by Funimation this month.