Fall 2006 Anime Preview: Part 8

Finally, it’s the last part of my Fall 2006 Anime Preview! Phew! In this ultimate preview, I take a look at Bartender, Gift Eternal Rainbow, Love dol: Lovely Idol, and Kekkaishi.


Bartender Facts:

  1. Bartenders are mammals.
  2. Bartenders fight all the time
  3. The main purpose of a Bartender is to flip out and star in anime

Yeah, I think it’s weird that there’s a Bartender anime. But hey, Cheers was on TV for a long ass time, and it was a tv show about a bar…

Gift Eternal Rainbow

Gift Eternal Rainbow.jpg
Gift Eternal Rainbow is ANOTHER game to anime conversion. This one seems like a rip off of Da Capo. There’s a mysterious gimmick to the area: Eternal Rainbows! In Da Capo it was the Eternal Sakura Blossoming. There’s also a “sister-in-law” relationship.

Yeah, so I’m thinking this is totally Da Capo-esqe. I’ll give it a shot, but with all of the competition, I have a feeling this anime will fail.

Love dol: Lovely Idol

Love dol Lovely Idol.jpg
Love dol: Lovely Idol probably wins the award for stupidest name this season. And guess what? Game to anime conversion. People might think this’ll be good since it’s a Navel game. People also thought that about Soul Link. They were wrong.

The character designs seem fairly generic, and the anime doesn’t really look like it has anything special going for it. But who knows, this anime might end up becoming more Shuffle! than Soul Link…


Kekkaishi seems to be one of the more action oriented anime of the season. According to the preview video I found, it’s about a boy who destroys monsters by capturing them in some kind of cube.

The animation doesn’t look half bad, but it already seems a little too shouneny for my tastes. Going on missions to defeat monsters just sounds so generic and hollow. But it might be good! It’s kind of silly to judge anime based on a 30 second clip anyway, huh?

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I’m definitely watching the first episode of Bartender, if only to find out what sort of anime it is. The animation looks decent too.

Is it…

a) Bartender is an undercover secret agent

b) A slice of life anime

c) The drunk version of Iron Chef

d) Bartender is actually God in disguise

I hope it is b). 🙂

>>In Da Capo it was the Eternal Sakura Blossoming. There’s also a “sister-in-law� relationship

Even the bishoujo (far right) in the Gift poster reminds me of Nemu… I’m sooo gonna catch the series. XD

Bartender, at first glace, looks simplisticly cool, for lack of a better way to describe it. I look forward to episode 1, if only to see what it is.

Kekkaishi came from shonen manga so expect lots of action scene.

It ‘s currenty my favorite manga , so I will watch its adaptation but don’t have any high hope though…

Kekkaishi is pretty mediocre of a shounen, but it does have it’s good points. Knowing Sunrise, they’d probably improve the best points of it though. One of the good things Sunrise does with mediocrism in shounen is that they know how to capture what makes the shounen good, evident with Y.Japan and Gintama. Kekkaishi will probably become Gintama #2. Good show overall, but nothing outstanding to capture the heart of the audiences blinded by the hype of the AMAZING shows.

I think Idol and Rainbow will flop. Gut instinct. Rarely failed me.

Bartender will probably be the kind of show where the main characters says “I’ve seen my share of people working as a bartender here. From my experience, blah blah blah”. The kind where one-night-stand human relations between a customer and a provider is explored in a methodical manner. Hopefully it’ll be decent, but I DEMAND GOOD CLASSICAL MUSIC. AND REALISTIC BARTENDING SKILLS. Make me proud.

For what i (didn’t) understand from the official site, maybe Bartender will be some kind of “Yakitate Japan” with a barman instead…

Hehe, kinda fun trying to guess what an anime will be about when we only have the name and an image XD.

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