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Who Wants to Make an H-Game?


ANN reports (or reported about a week ago) that Leaf, a Hentai Game maker, has been forced to release the source code for four of their games, including ToHeart2 XRATED:

This was because Leaf had used the XVid video codec inside their games. XVid is licensed under the GNU Public Library (GPL). When software using GPL licensed code is released to the public, the GPL requires that the source code be made available to the programs users. For a ¥600 shipping and handling fee, Leaf will ship a copy of the code to anyone who requests it.

Quite a loophole, eh? So for about $5 (probably in Japan only), you can get a whole Hentai Game engine! Personally, I’d prefer the source code to Disgaea 2 (XRATED?). Some of the games I’d create with the Leaf Engine include:

  • Choose You Own Adventure: Space Ninja!
  • Zork Remake
  • River City Ransom: Sauna Simulator!
  • Doraemon XRATED

On second thought, maybe it’s better if I don’t get the souce code…

Anime Music

Anime How-To: Rip Audio From Video to MP3

Sanada Computer.gif

In my next installment of Basugasubakuhatsu Anime how-tos, I demonstrate how to rip audio to any video source and encode into an MP3 file. This is similar the process I use to rip the OP and ED from all the anime that I review.

I usually use a different audio editor, but since I want to make these how-tos accessible to everyone, all of the programs in the tutorial are free and open source.

If you find this tutorial helpful, or have any questions regarding it, please let me know in the comments section. You can also send me suggestions on future anime how-tos, since I’m always looking for new ideas.

How To: Rip Audio From Video to MP3

Anime First Impressions

Shinigami No Ballad: Momo The Girl God of Death – Anime First Impressions

Shinigami No Ballad 01.jpgShinigami No Ballad 02.jpgShinigami No Ballad 03.jpgShinigami No Ballad 04.jpgShinigami No Ballad 05.jpgShinigami No Ballad 06.jpgShinigami No Ballad 07.jpgShinigami No Ballad 08.jpgShinigami No Ballad 09.jpg

Shinigami no Ballad is the other 6-episode anime that replaces Hantsuki in the same time slot. It seems like a good choice to follow Hantsuki, since this anime is also about death. Morbid? Yes. Entertaining? Read on to find out!

Expenses Poll

New Poll: Monthly Spending on Anime, Manga, J-Pop, Etc…

Since the votes have pretty much stopped on the last poll, I’ll call it closed. Fuji-nee is the winner with 28% of the vote, with Ilya in 2nd place and Ayuki a close 3rd. It seems that I and the Ayuki Alliance have failed… Though I can see the appeal of Fuji-nee…

Fuji-nee – grabbed from here

The next poll question is: How much do you spend monthly on Japanese media? This includes anime, manga, j-pop, figures, etc.

Since I started Basugasubakuhatsu, I’ve been buying more and more stuff. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, my bank account doesn’t like me anymore. I haven’t hit rock bottom yet, but it’s only a matter of time ;).

Credit for the idea goes to Problematic‘s post in the forum about manga spendings.

Fuyuno Money.jpg
This is where the money you spend on anime and manga goes…



Robo-Meteru Meets, Greets at Kitakyushu Airport


A robot version of Meteru from the popular manga and anime, Galaxy Express 999 has been installed at a Kitakyushu Airport in Japan. According to Akihabara News:

This Me-Teru robot measures 1m70 and can respond to 200 airport releated questions.

Questions I’d ask her include:

  • So, do you come here often?
  • Why are you so pale?

I’m all for anime-inspired robots, but is it too much to ask for a fully functional Chii from Chobits to do my every bidding?