Blog Suki

Jason, of Anime on My Mind and Anime Blog Toshokan fame, has just rolled out a new and improved version of the latter. It’s called Blog Suki! Chances are, if you read my blog regularly, it’s due to the exposure I get from ABT or Antenna. The new and improved Blog Suki is looking really great. If you don’t know about it yet, check it out. There’s a ton of great blogs out there. Things I’ve noticed that are new or improved:

  • Search Feature!
  • Cache Feature (so you can see the past posts of a given blog)
  • Faster Indexing by way of pinging
  • A Series Popularity Size-O-Meter (Mai Otome, anyone?)
  • K2 Theme Prettyness, not that I’m biased toward that particular theme 😉

Overall, the service is looking great. Many thanks go out to Jason for providing anime fans with this awesome resource!

Anime DVD Review

Blood: The Last Vampire – Anime Review


So I was browsing around the anime section (which is extremely weak; mostly pokemon!) and found this anime called Blood: The Last Vampire. The description said it was about this vampire named Saya who had to fight chiropterans. I thought the plot sounded kinda familiar. Apparently, this is the prequel to the TV anime series, Blood+. So that explains the "+" part. I wonder if they’ll make a sequel to that called "Blood++" (nerd joke, right here!)

Anime First Impressions

Kage Kara Mamoru! – Anime First Impressions

Kage Kara Mamoru 01.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 02.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 03.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 04.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 05.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 06.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 07.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 08.jpgKage Kara Mamoru 09.jpg

Kage Kara Mamoru got my vote for most anticipated anime of the Winter 2006 season. Why? Ninjas. Yep, Kage Kara Mamoru has ninjas, which automatically makes it awesomer than all other shows. Or does it?

Anime First Impressions

Lemon Angel Project – Anime First Impressions

Lemon Angel Project 01.jpgLemon Angel Project 02.jpgLemon Angel Project 03.jpgLemon Angel Project 04.jpgLemon Angel Project 05.jpgLemon Angel Project 06.jpgLemon Angel Project 07.jpgLemon Angel Project 08.jpgLemon Angel Project 09.jpg

Lemon Angel Project is a new Winter 2006 anime that didn’t really get that much press. I thought the character designs looked pretty good, and I was looking forward to watching it. I figured it might be like another anime, Wandaba Style, which was pretty cool. Days came and went, and it seemed no one was going to sub this anime. Finally MahouSekai-Fansubs decided to give it a go. Was it worth the wait?

Anime First Impressions Japan

Ayakashi~ Japanese Classic Horror – Anime First Impressions

Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror 01.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 02.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 03.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 04.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 05.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 06.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 07.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 08.jpgAyakashi Japanese Classic Horror 09.jpg

So after watching Jigoku Shoujo, I figured the Japanese idea of "horror" is probably a lot different from my idea of it. Some parts of Jigoku Shoujo were actually pretty funny, so I expected to either be scared during this anime or laugh at it. Did I do either? You know the drill, read on to find out!