Murder Princess Vol. 2 – Manga Review [END]


The short (but sweet?) Murder Princess ends in just two volumes. Did this manga get murdered prematurely?

Yes, yes it did. Murder Princess started out well enough. There was action, humor, cute girls in each others’ bodies… You know, good stuff! But everything sort of takes a train wreck in the second volume.

The problem with Murder Princess is that it really had too much buildup. We learned at the end of the first volume that Alita’s brother is the dark knight that’s apparently trying to steal her “key.” There’s mystery throughout, and not enough manga to explain it all.

We eventually do find out the mystery behind the dark knight, Falis’ past, and other random junk. But it’s way too condensed. It’s like trying to get the entire plot of Star Wars: A New Hope in 30 seconds (by bunnies). Except not as humorous or enjoyable.

The volume is not all bad. Just rushed. I mean, the parts where Alita got attacked from behind, or the part where she got tied up were totally fanservicey. Sorry guys, I don’t have a scanner. And there were some pretty gory fight scenes. Besides that though, the author just seems like he’s fighting for dear life trying to finish the plot. Apparently, the magazine that was publishing Murder Princess got cancelled, so that’s why the series was cut off short.

Especially annoying is that in one chapter, they explain something about keys that unlock some kind of knowledge. Then they don’t finish up by actually using the keys. It’s like having a loaded revolver hanging on the wall in the first act, and then calling it quits during the intermission.

Conclusion? Murder Princess began with a lot of potential. It’s too bad the series couldn’t have found another publication to keep running in. If it had a few more volumes to develop, I’m sure it would’ve been more enjoyable. Instead, we get rushed character development and a sort of deus ex machina (without a god) ending.

Many thanks to Broccoli Books for sending me a review copy of Murder Princess Volume 2!

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  1. I think that they should have a second season where they are still trying to find another way to get back into their bodies…

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