Moetan – Anime First Impressions

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Moetan, that super fun to make fun of Engrish book series is finally an anime! But does it still have charm and potential for mockery of the original?

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So I’m not too familiar with the actual Moetan books. All I know is that they’re for Japanese otaku who want to learn English. And that they have a moe mascot, and that they use a lot of examples from otaku pop culture (like say, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya).

It turns out that Moetan is basically a mahou shoujo show. Nijihara Ink is a high school girl who continuously has to remind others that she’s not an elementary school kid. Which she’s easily mistaken for. Seriously, she looks maybe 5 or 6. Anyway, she’s got a crush on Nao, who happens to be in the same class as her. Apparently Nao is pretty bad at school, which crushes Ink’s dream of the two of them going to college together! NOOOO!

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Halfway through the episode, a lolicon duck happens to fall on Ink. This is where my understanding sort of drifts… The duck gives Ink a magical cell phone which transforms her into a magical girl. It turns her hair blue and gives her an incredibly embarrassing outfit. With it, however, she can tutor Nao-kun and they can go to college together.

The tutoring session actually goes halfway decently until pedo duck finds Nao’s porn stash and ero figures. Nao fights back by kicking the two out of his room. Nao must really be a dunce if he’s leaving his porn around while entertaining guests…

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For Moetan, I was expecting a bunch of funny Engrish, but what I got was completely different. It’s basically a magical girl show for perverted lolicon. There’s way too much loli fanservice (actually, what’s a good amount, anyway?) and very little in terms of well, anything else. On top of that, the Engrish is actually quite good, which makes it totally unfunny. I guess I’ll have to turn to something like Beck for my wacky intake of Engrish. I’ll not be watching any more of Moetan.

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21 thoughts on “Moetan – Anime First Impressions”

  1. Would you give it another chance if an anemic girl with glasses and bad engrish showed up =D?

    Kinda interesting how many recent shows have actually been geared towards or even about otaku.

  2. //Nao must really be a dunce if he’s leaving his porn around while entertaining guests…//

    A bit unfair, as I doubt anybody expects a loli mahou shoujo to fly through their window in the middle of the night in order to teach them english. At least enough so to hide their pron prior to her arrival.

    Anyway I don’t get how you couldn’t have picked up on the lolicon bit until now, I mean even a cursory glance you tell you that the show aims at the Humbert in all of us.

  3. This show tries so hard to be moe that I’m pretty sure there will be one of those characters eventually. But then again, I bet another anime this season will have one too…

  4. Hidden Engrish mitsuketa! When Pastel Ink uses “Magical Flying”, the keys on the pad flash 333555999 (produces FLY in a text message) but she inputs 333777999 (produces FRY)! That has to be intentional… There’s no way that can be a mistake. Although it said FLY on the screen that time as well.

  5. If you know anything about POP’s artwork to begin with, you’d know right away it’s clearly loli, and expect as much from anything based on it. The show’s story is just a cheesy excuse for a loli showcase! Why not just take it for what it is? I don’t think anyone expected it to be a storytelling masterpiece.

  6. The prob was the show was just too insipid. I was hoping for the Engrish and to be more entertaining. Fanservice doesn’t bother me. Even loli fanservice. I liked Poptan, but that one had a better done story. There’s just too much cliche, and the animation quality was actually not thar great either. I found the special ep with the live action VA’s to be much more entertaining, with “better” Engrish. I’ll give it a little more chance, but it’s not looking good.

  7. I’ve seen episodes 1-2! Wonder if any of the Youtube users will upload moetan episodes 3-4?? Or, maybe… … …there’s more? It might have alot of loli-ness going around and about, but I still like it for the humor that it provides. :3

  8. i really enjoyed watching moetan, i wonder if youtube will upload some of the episodes..
    i really realy like it!!
    ink was so ccccuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

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