Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na – Anime First Impressions

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So this review is kinda late. I was hoping I’d be able to get through all of the season’s anime and do a writeup for each one, but school is rough! Anyway, Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na is that “Crescent Love” anime that has the moon girl in it. Yay, another h-game harem conversion!

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This anime starts out with some flashback to the Earth-Moon war. Remember when we colonized the moon and then the moon people were like, “Oh no you di’int!” Yeah, good times. Well, the relations between the moon people and earth people are better, but not great. It’s at this point that the moon princess, Feena, decides to visit earth for a homestay.

Asagiri Tatsuya is just living his ideal h-game protagonist kind of life. He’s already amassed quite a harem with his school mate, little sister (is she related!?), clarinet girl, and big sister (related!?). His special move is the pinching of girls’ noses. Apparently girls like it when he does this. Maybe I should try it myself sometime…

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Tatsuya is totally taken by surprise when Siesta Feena’s made shows up at his house. Yep, Feena is going to be living with Tatsuya. She also keeps a midget photographer under her skirt at all times. Who doesn’t!? Things go well for the most part, until Feena trips and everyone turns chibi! She makes a good recovery, but then Tatsuya pinches her nose! OMG, Intergalactic Crisis! Feena decides to let this one go, and they all begin their new lives together.

So this is a fairly pleasant, although cookie cutter-esque anime. I sorta had flashbacks to Ai Yori Aoshi, though the plot really isn’t that similar. There is a hint that Feena and Tatsuya are actually childhood friends, though. The characters are all interesting, but it feels like the anime is really trying too hard to accomplish that. I guess the best way to describe this anime would be to use the word “average.”

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The character designs are uninspired. They look fine, but the only one that really stands out is Feena. As I pointed out earlier, that maid really bears a striking resemblance to Siesta from Zero no Tsukaima.

Probably the best part of the anime is the fact that the characters regularly go into chibi mode. The expressions are entertaining and really make me want to watch the anime more. Not that they alone would convince me, though.

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The OP is really snore-inducing. Same with the ED. I guess they’re supposed to be soothing, but I’d rather skip them.

Download the OP: “Prelude -We are not alone-” by Fumi Ootou
Download the ED: “Crescent Love ~Tsuki no Namida~” by Hitomi Nabatame

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Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na isn’t a bad anime by any means. It’s just not that interesting. There are parts that were entertaining, but the humor just seems really forced. There’s a very slight chance I’ll keep watching this, but since I’m busy as it is, I’ll probably only watch the best of the best anime this season.

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7 thoughts on “Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na – Anime First Impressions”

  1. Natsuki looks like Asahina Mikuru. Therefore I have dubbed her Mikuru’s tsuntsun twin.

    I find it wholly amusing that the clarinet girl’s name is Midori. Her parents must not be creative at all.

    The OP is boring. Painfully so. However, it syncs perfectly with the OP of Higurashi. That, at least, is a source of amusement.

    My friend stopped watching when Feena showed up. ^^;;

  2. Painfully little fanservice. I’d rather watch Louise and Saito being idiots. I just found a translation of the first part of the first novel: Saito is 17. I’d pegged him at 15 going on 13. Sad really. Even sadder that this show is such a null that I just spent 90% of this comment talking about an entirely different one.

  3. Painfully little, huh? It might be because I’m a girl, but fanservice=cringeworthy and pointless. Course, I love Yoakena. Except when that old pervert photographer shows up with candid Feena pictures.

  4. fap fap fenna! heuahuaee

    anyway, its not that bad =p
    but! since ep 1 the animation quality dropped A LOT, a shame since its an ‘ok’ level show =/

  5. Sana: let me rephrase to add the unstated assumption: “Painfully little fanservice _for a harem show_.” I’ve come to expect a certain amount of it in a show about one guy dealing with multiple girls (and I expect it because it’s what’s delivered so often).

    However, as the episodes have progressed (I’m up to #3 now), I think that it is a mistake to think of it as a harem show. We’ve hardly seen Tohya again and the Natsuki-Feena conflict has been fairly indirect and low-key. The more I watch it, the more I’m convinced that it’s really Feena’s story (a very weak shoujo romance w/o the angst), but the minimal fanservice and harem aspects have been added to snow the guys into watching.

    If I’m going to watch a romance involving a “princess” and an ordinary guy, AMG has done it so much better as to make this show appear unworthy If you think there’s no fanservice in AMG, you haven’t been watching Peorth or Urd. (Of course, it doesn’t have to be as explicit as a “camel toe” for me to think of it as fanservice. I have low standards, which is why I think CL is so lame — it doesn’t even reach them.)

    Be a romance, be a fanservice vehicle, be a harem show. Pick any two. This show hasn’t picked any; it’s just a lame pastiche of clichés. A fuller take (based on the first episode only) is here.

  6. wow, so far, i hav only downloaded this anime to the 5th episode and funny thing is that, under the website AniDB, it does not hav a genre. Any of u guys know wat genre this anime is? Hmm, oh ya the music link that was put up to allow us to download the opening and ending song isn’t working i guess cos i cant seem to download it, and i simply LOVE the ending song, so soothing.

  7. This is a nice replacement so far for Otome wa Boku ni Koi Shiteru. Nice and pleasant. I’ll post more when I see more of the show. I’m on Episode 5 right now, having just finished the cookoff. :3

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