Sumomomo Momomo – Anime First Impressions

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When I first heard of the anime called “Sumomomo Momomo,” I immediately thought of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo! Apparently there’s no actual connection behind the similar names. Sumomomo Momomo actually falls into the genre of “loli girl wants to make babies with unwilling guy.” But can any anime really be better than Rizelmine?

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Momoko Kuzuryuu is training under a waterfall one day when her dad shows up and tells her she’d be better off making babies. Some time ago, Momoko’s dad and Koushi Inuzuka’s dad decided to arrange the two to be married. Momoko’s new quest is to bear the world’s ultimate martial artist! Momoko stalks Koushi, then has a real martial arts battle with his dad! Koushi’s dad approves of Momoko and they almost get it on. Except that Koushi has no interest in lolis.

Although Koushi’s dad is a badass martial artist, Koushi himself quit and is now studying law. He gets totally scared when bullies get near him and caves in to their demands. Apparently it’s because of traumatic event in the past that Koushi can’t quite remember. When Momoko cheers him on against the bullies, Koushi finally remembers what happened. Luckily, Momoko doesn’t.

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So what we have here is a pretty simple formula anime. Momoko wants to have Koushi’s babies. Koushi finds Momoko annoying. Momoko tries to win Koushi’s favor, but ends up making him hate her even more. Repeat.

In this case, the characters pretty fun so I can dig it. It appears that there’ll be some other characters appearing (who also want Koushi’s babies, probably) that will add to the variety.

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The character design for Momoko is pretty ugly. The manga art looks like a million times better than the anime version. The meganekko, on the other hand, is totally hot. I’m totally waiting for her first actual appearance in the show (besides her hiding behind corners).

I noticed some pretty lame cg with the martial arts attacks. I think they were probably cheesy on purpose, though. Besides that the animation looks really nice and clean.

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The OP for Sumomomo Momomo is intense. It has some elements of traditional Japanese music in it which make for an interesting sound. It fits the anime and the opening sequence pretty well. It also kind of sounds like it belongs on the Naruto soundtrack, though. The ED sequence is really really cute and features a bunch of chibi animation! They’re both above average as far as anime music goes.

Download the OP: “Saikyou○×Keikaku” by MOSAIC.WAV
Download the ED: “NO ROCK NO LIFE” by Honey Bee

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I’m still not convinced that this anime will be better than Rizelmine was. Of course, it’s just the first episode, and they haven’t even introduced the meganekko! I’ll keep watching this one since it looks more interesting than most of the other season’s anime offerings.

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6 thoughts on “Sumomomo Momomo – Anime First Impressions”

  1. …the series had dialogue changed from the manga. it’d be too inappropriate to put the exact wording into the anime.

    The band that sung the opening (#1 & #2) normally make music for h-games, and decided to be a band.
    Mosaic is probably because of the h-game part (the censoring is normally just a buncha pixels covering “parts”) and .WAV is the file format for sounds in the game. Put it together and you’ve got MOSAIC.WAV. 8D just if you’re wondering.

  2. I just have one question… the final ep is inconclude…but is that because the manga isn’t finish yet? I need a website where I can download the manga. Do somebody of here know a website about sumomomo?? NOwadays is my favourite anime…and i want the manga…NEEEED the manga…. waaaaaa!!!!

    somebody…!!! the manga…i neeeedddd the manga…!!!

    send…me answers to [email protected] please? ok?

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