Coyote Ragtime Show – Anime First Impressions

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Coyote Ragtime Show is probably the highest budget anime of the season. The trailer promised us lots of action and high quality animation. So does Coyote Ragtime Show actually deliver?

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Coyote Ragtime Show is your basic cat and mouse hunt anime. For four years, Angelica Barnes (or Burns, or Barns) has been chasing a criminal known as “Mister!” She makes her way to a prison where she thinks Mister is being held.

Her hunch is correct, but before she can capture Mister, he sets up a daring jailbreak! Some android mercenary group who also wants Mister shows up and carnage ensues. Eventually, the planet’s giant bugs save the day and junkify the androids. Super annoying girl Chelsea gets a job working with Angelica.

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So far, this anime’s plot is pretty minimal, but it makes up for this with all of the action. This episode was shown from the perspective of Angelica, but I have a feeling most of the anime will follow the adventures of Mister and his gang. I mean, how fun would Lupin III be if you just watched Inspector Zenigata chasing Lupin?

It seems that later on, Mister’s daughter (or niece or whatever) shows up, which could make the anime either a lot awesomer, or unawesomer. I’m guessing it’ll be the former.

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It’s pretty easy to tell where the money was spent for character designs. Angelica, Chelsea and Mister are all pretty bland. Marciano’s 12 Sisters are where it’s at! Apparently, they’re all named after the months. I especially like the grenade one, August, and the triplets, Oct, Nove, and Diesse! I really hope we get to see more of them later on in the anime. If Chelsea dies next episode, I couldn’t be happier.

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The animation for Coyote Ragtime Show is probably its main selling point. You can tell this anime has a really high budget. There was a lot of fighting this episode, and it all looked really good! The explosion count was pretty high, too.

Maybe it’s just suffering from “first episode budget blowout.” Hopefully it can maintain the high quality of animation for the rest of the episodes.

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The background music was pretty hip and fit well with the animation. It totally got me psyched for the ninja android fighting action! This episode used the OP for the ED (since it’s cool to do so these days), and so I haven’t heard the real ED yet. The OP is okay, but I don’t like the singer’s voice a whole lot.

Download the OP: “COYOTE” by Naoki with Power Sound

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So far, this anime has shown that it can deliver the high res action. If that’s all it’s good for, then so be it! I like fembot android action scenes as much as the next guy, so who cares if there’s a plot!? This anime is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet! I’ll definitely be following this one.

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8 thoughts on “Coyote Ragtime Show – Anime First Impressions”

  1. I can see where your tastes lie. You picked the three smallest ones…. You must either be a huge Yotsubatou fan or just a lolicon haha.

    As for myself, I like the April, the Machine Gunner and the Riflewoman best.

  2. Chelsea definitely threatens Mikuru as the character with the most annoying voice in any anime ever.

    I especially like the grenade one, August, and the triplets, Oct, Nove, and Diesse!
    Lolicon? Personally I like May, April and the one that use knives.

  3. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu was the “highest budget” anime of this year, by far. This one should take the 2nd place.

  4. I like the first ep. but I want to see more of series before making up my mind. Just at when you see the first ep. of anime you think really going to be good until you see rest of it and don’t like even more.

  5. i love this series and i love all the 12 Sisters but my Favorites are January (the machine gun one) and September (the one with the rifle) she sadly dies in the 3rd episode.

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