Somewhat Regular Poll: Winter 2006 Anime Supporting Cast!

Spurred by some comments I left on Samazama about supporting cast in anime, here’s another poll! 

For some reason or other, I always end up liking the characters in anime that have no chance with the main character. They’re still there, and still smokin’ hot, but there’s no chance they’ll "win" in the end. In some cases they might not even be interested in the main character; I just think they’re more interesting than whoever’s flaunting it in the foreground.

Here are my picks for best minor (not as in age, although I guess some of them could be minors. uh oh…) character in the current Winter 2006 anime batch:

From Fate/stay night:

Illyasviel von Einzbern

Illyasviel von Einzbern
Sure, Ilya may look like a kid, but… is she? Uh oh. What kind of a kid has grey hair already? Anyway, she’s just so dern cute calling Emiya "onii-chan" before getting the berserker to club him! Too bad she’s sworn enemies with Emiya, or she could easily be added to the harem.

Pros: Grey hair (There’s something about girls with grey hair that does it for me. Probably only in anime), lolicon, cool hat

Cons: Somewhat bipolar, possibly jailbait.



Fujimura Taiga-sensei, or Fuji-nee, serves as Emiya’s mother figure and teacher too. Just like in Happy Lesson! Fuji-nee is no pushover; she’s a kendo 5-dan (whatever that means)!

Pros: Teacher-con, clumsy-con, possibly a "taiga" in bed (I apologize profusely for the pun), allows hot girls to sleepover.

Cons: Sort of happens to be Emiya’s "mom." That didn’t really stop Chitose in Happy Lesson though…


From Hantsuki:


Sure, she’s a really bad nurse, but also has a softer side, unlike bokusatsu drunk doctor. She used to be in a biker gang, and can whistle (that’s what she’s doing in the picture, perverts!). She doesn’t have much chance with Yuuichi, though.

Pros: Um. She’s a nurse? And she can beat you up. That’s definitely sexy.

Cons: She can beat you up. She’s a chain smoker (gross!).


From Kashimashi:


Without a boyfriend for 35 years (and announcing it every day), Namiko-sensei puts her students first. That, and falling down a lot. She could probably be Fuji-nee’s sister. Sure, she’s a klutz, but she’s also one hot teacher!

Pros: Teacher-con, clumsy-con, weird accent.

Cons: Likes long-distance relationships (with aliens).



Ayuki is the cool-headed intellectual of the Kashimashi girls. While everyone else is running around like a decapitated chicken, Ayuki is handing out sound advice and being generally cool. She also looks like Nanaka from Nanaka 6/17 (though in Nanaka 6/17, I was actually rooting for Amemiya… but I digress).

Pros: Megane-sama, stylin’, cool-headed, kakkoi!

Cons: None!


From Magikano:

Kurosu Yuri

Kurosu Yuri
Kurosu Yuri is the class president and secret admirer of Haruo. Unforunately, she’s never been able to successfully confess to him. Unless, of course, she’s in a dream sequence as Princess Leia *drools*. Why they didn’t draw her in the "Slave Leia" outfit is beyond me. Normal Leia is still hot enough.

Pros: Class President-con(?), Her name is Yuri! Leia Cosplay!

Cons: Kind of a stalker…



By far, "Umi" is the least visible girl in the poll. I don’t even know her other name! She’s the vice president of the student council, and is in love with Yuri (the girl, er… maybe both). I just think she’s really cute, and that she should have a bigger role in the anime. Of course, I am a big proponent of shoujo ai, so it’s only natural that I like this girl.

Pros: Hair thing (hair things are cute!), kohai-con

Cons: Minimal air time.

So there you have it, the not quite ready for primetime girls of the 2006 Winter anime season. You can probably guess who gets my vote by reading the pros and cons of each girl…

You can now vote from here, since the forum voting system was kind of inconvenient to use. Here’s hoping for spinoffs for each girl on the list!


5 thoughts on “Somewhat Regular Poll: Winter 2006 Anime Supporting Cast!”

  1. Just from the screens above, I would have gone with Umi, but I haven’t really been watching Magikano (except episode 1)… So instead I’m going with Namiko-sensei with Ayuki as a close second. :)

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