What the world would look like if Manga was realistic


Over at 1000.com, they’re having a photoshop contest for making normal people look like they came out of a manga. Now, I think I can say that lots of characters in manga are cute, but some of these pictures are disturbing! I guess when you apply giant eyes and pointy noses in real life, something is lost (or gained) in translation. Some of these are good, it’s just that they’re bizarre when compared to real life. They sorta look more like those grey aliens with giant eyes, which really give me the creeps.

Check out all the entries here.

5 thoughts on “What the world would look like if Manga was realistic”

  1. Good morning, Mr. Hung.

    I was wondering if you actually took this info from BoingBoing. I subscribed to its RSS feed, and this Photoshop article came to my being.

    Actually, there are some better “drawn” phoshopped pics (photoshopped pictures) that did not make the celebrity “alien-like.” But I don’t like celebrities in general, so I don’t have a clue to their names.

    But I prefer the animals. At least I can see the standard ยฌ.ยฌ instead of the big 0.0 eyes. But yeah, I love 1000.com for their weekly thematic contests.


  2. Yep, I saw this on boingboing last night. I didn’t really “take the info” though. I just checked it out and reported it here.

    The one in this post doesn’t look so bad, but some of the other ones freak me out!

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