Blood: The Last Vampire – Anime Review


So I was browsing around the anime section (which is extremely weak; mostly pokemon!) and found this anime called Blood: The Last Vampire. The description said it was about this vampire named Saya who had to fight chiropterans. I thought the plot sounded kinda familiar. Apparently, this is the prequel to the TV anime series, Blood+. So that explains the "+" part. I wonder if they’ll make a sequel to that called "Blood++" (nerd joke, right here!)


So how is the movie compared to the anime series? Beautiful. Though this movie was done in 2000, the animation is awesome even by today’s standards. The story is set in 1966, so the stuff that happens occurs before the TV anime. Basically, Saya just fights a bunch of chiropterans and kicks a lot of ass.


Although Saya is a badass in the movie, I dunno if I like her better than in the anime. In the anime, she’s likeable and cute. In the movie, she’s kind of a bitch and more of a loner type. One thing’s for sure though, both versions of Saya have strangely drawn lips. Maybe it’s the secret to her vampire abilities…

Blood: The Last Vampire is only about 45 minutes long, so I’d think of it as an OVA rather than a full length movie. The feeling I get from it is that the animation takes precedence over the story. Still, if you’re into the Blood+ anime (I’m only about 5 episodes into it myself), it might be worth it to check out this movie and see where Saya is coming from. I’d give Blood: The Last Vampire 3.5 out of 5 stars, if I had star graphics to show…

11 thoughts on “Blood: The Last Vampire – Anime Review”

  1. The lips aren’t strangly drawn, they look like that because the bigger vampire teeth push out the lips more than regular people teeth, it looks like she’s pouting, all vampires basically everywhere look like this, check out Underworld, the same thing with the main character. Atleast that’s what I think.

  2. Honestly, I have to say I prefer the Saya from the movie over the one from the anime. Like you said, she kicked a LOT of ass; and the way she fights in the anime by comparison is just night and day.

    I cannot even begin to tell you how frustrated I was at how many times she couldn’t fight a decent battle in the beginning episodes. She’s come a fair ways now; but it’s still a far cry from the Saya in the movies.

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