Strange Anime Meme – Characters with Puppets

So I wrote in my last post about this weird epidemic of anime characters that have puppets. If it was just one character in one anime, I’d just say “whatever” and accept it as some strange gimmick. I’ve noticed, however, quite a few characters that for some reason or other, possess hand puppets that have a mind of their own. Here is my short list (let me know if there are any others):

Haibara Yukio (and his puppet Johnny).

Ok, so Haibara never actually talks, and his puppet dog Johnny seems to have a mind of his own. Haibara seems to be happy with just fishing all the time. Weird.

Randou Rino and Pucchan.

Pucchan is probably the weirdest anime puppet of them all. He knows Kung-Fu, he can be talking when Rino is asleep, and he can also talk if anyone (not just Rino) holds him. He’s also really annoying. Personally, I think he’s Satan.

Maaka Anju and Bge (Boogie?)

I’ve only seen the first episode, but this Bge also seems to have a mind of his own. He’s got a butcher’s knife for crying out loud!

Seiji Sawamura and Midori

What? Midori’s not a puppet? Oh, nevermind…

In conclusion, I’d really like to ask “what’s the deal?!” Does anyone know where the whole anime meme of having puppets came from? Is it a cool thing in Japan to walk around with a puppet and talk with it? Is this going to be some kind of new genre for anime? Please let me know if you have any information about this!

9 thoughts on “Strange Anime Meme – Characters with Puppets”

  1. ive been looking for this anime… one character is made from wood , then on the end the girl who used to be an enemy saved him and gave her heart, then he turned into a real human, he is not the main character though ,,please help XD

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